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The Slanted Door

Do pictures of food speak for themselves? Can you tell if I loved my lunch at The Slanted Door by images alone? Let's find out. I'm not going to say any more--just going to post lunch pictures with labels so you know what you're looking at. Now it's your turn to be the critic: if you were served this food, would you be happy?

Green papaya salad with tofu, rau ram and roasted peanuts:

Japanese yellowtail with fried shallot and thai basil:

Cellophane noodles with fresh dungeness crab meat:

Chicken claypot with caramel sauce, chilies and fresh ginger:

Roasted pineapple and kumquat compote:

What say you, blog readers??


Works for me, Adam... and it is almost the only kind of food I miss in Italy.
Crabmeat... ahhhh!

I'd say your pretty smitten!

being a long-time lurker, i'd say you rather enjoyed it. how could you not?

Hiya Adam!
My crazy Grandpa Joe used to say, "If it looks good and smells good, it should taste good." However, since I can't smell your tasty photos, I'd have to guess that they fared well.

On the other hand, last night, John made Chicken and Peppers with Garam masala. It smelled and looked great, but he said it tasted like nearly nothing. The masala had zero flavor!

How was your food?

I'd say you liked it, if only because I want to reach through my monitor and scarf all of it down. When are they going to invent THAT Internet feature, huh?

Personally, I'm drooling. That's practically all the foods I love.

It all looks very yummy and quite colorful. Although for me I would prefer the first and last dish, since am vegetarian. Now if only I could smell it.

I'd be happy with just the salad and dessert. Beautiful!!!

It looks great, although the first dish looks rather dry for a papaya salad. I would say it needs more sauce since I see very little. The third dish also looks like it could be a bit boring... too many noodles. Just my 2 cents.

The photos certainly make it look good. Chicken claypot with caramel sauce? Can I have some?

yes. you were very very happy.

and i am very very jealous.

I agree with Lauren. :) I'll add that it all looks very fresh, so yes, you enjoyed it immensely. :)

I'd say mmmmm, I'm jealous

For less refined, but just as good Vietnamese, you should really hit up the Tenderloin district. There's a little hole-in-the-wall called Turtle Tower that makes the best pho I've ever had. Hand-made noodles, really, really good.

The dishes look really flavorful, wonderful, and even a bit healthier than some of the other dishes featured on your blog.

I think you liked it cos I told you I thought you might be disapointed. I believe the more you anticipate something the less you like it, the more someone tells you it won't be that great, the more you will like it.

No comment needed really. Simply looked out of this world yummy!!!!!!!

I dunno, the pictures look appetizing and all but I've heard both good and bad things about Slanted Door.

If I were to guess if you liked the food or not, I'd say you did.

You will tell us the answer, won't you? This is the only restaurant you've been to so far in SF that I've heard of.

Well, since those are such total food porn kitten shots, I'm assuming that yes, you liked your dinner.

And now I'm hungry...

Well, since those are such total food porn kitten shots, I'm assuming that yes, you liked your dinner.

And now I'm hungry...

Totally food porn. Now I need to go back to SF and the Slanted Door. Some of the best finds in that city are the little dives and virtually unknown places in offbeat neighborhoods ... like the Mission District.

Looking for some outrageously good ice cream? Go to Mitchell's, accessible best by car, not so much by public transit. Try the macapuno (baby coconut) ice cream. Totally X-rated.

The fish and the noodle dish look a little boring, but it's hard to judge without knowing how they're seasoned.

Everything else looks absolutely delicious!

Having had the Cellophane noodles with crab just 2 weeks ago, I know how yummy they are!!!
Adam I love that you are here in my city by the bay writing about places I know and love!!!
Glad you are enjoying your visit.

Since I've eaten at the Slanted Door, I think I know your answer. By the way, nice decision-making on your menu choices. Exactly the same courses I would have picked for a nice lunch by the waterfront. So are you tempted to move to San Francisco yet? :)

Not only do I adore the Slanted Door but I have also discovered (two days ago) that their slightly downmarket "Out the Door" restaurant in the Westfield Shopping Center is pretty darn fabulous. It's wonderful and far less crowded. I was so happy to find out they keep gluten-free soy sauce on hand so they can prepare nearly any dish gluten-free - Which is another reason to love this company, as if I needed another one.

Oh My! The photos alone make me hungry. the cellophane noodles!

Considering that my mouth was watering from the pictures...I'd say you enjoyed it immensely!

I think it was love at first sight.....especially with the hamachi.

Oh my goodness, those photos make my stomach growl! If you /didn't/ enjoy it, I would gladly, happily take your place and suffer through that meal in your stead, Adam.. ;} That all looks just fantastic! *drool* I think this is my favorite San Francisco post yet, food-wise..

Given the fact that you continued to order dish after dish, my guess would be that you thouroughly enjoyed them all and couldn't get enough.

Most excellent choices but where oh where is the shaking beef???? You got all my faves except for the shaking beef.

I want your life, methinks.

wow, that food looks divine. i agree with flutter, your life seems pretty good. :)

Actually, Slanted Door and Chicken Claypot specifically is #2 in my "5 Things to Eat Before You Die" list (http://cafefernando.com/?p=45). It is that good! You are one lucky guy!

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