April 4, 2007 6:13 PM | By Adam Roberts | 6 Comments

A Video Podcast Review of Ssam Bar

Instead of writing up the dinner I had with Craig and James Felder at Ssam Bar, the other night, James and I just recorded an iChat conversation about the meal. I used a demo version of iChat recording software that you can download here. The fact that it's a demo explains the message in the middle of the screen. Enjoy!


i went the night they found out about their two-star review. and i haven't been back since. gotta get back there.

however, it's amazing to watch felder lecture you about chickpea flour like he lectures me on getting tina fey's lines right in my 30 rock spec.

David Chang and several of his chef buddies paid David & Laura Shea a visit at Applewood recently for an offal feast to top all offal feasts - a snout to tail orgy for sure. I for one am pulling for DC to win the Beard Award - he's the freshest thing to hit the NY dining scene in a while.

no pork buns!? one day i'm going to go to one of the momofukos and just order plates of pork buns and gorge my face out. they are amazing.

i always want to find a pack of hungry eaters and go to ssam bar and order the whole pork butt. AG you should have a meet up there!

-Ssam is pronounced with an "ah" sound not with a flat a sound as in Sam.
-You have mentioned you don't like spicy food, but the best way to eat those rice cakes is to try it in this dish called deok-buki. (phonetic pronunciation).

I'm Asian and I don't like those rice cakes either. The sticky, gluteny texture feels awkward for an entree and the cakes themselves are too dense to really absorb any flavor.

Those cakes are traditional in both Chinese and Korean new years so I always end up eating them because my mom makes me.

I like a game which needs to use wow gold

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