May 19, 2006 12:55 PM | By Adam Roberts | 22 Comments

My Mother & Flea Wish You A Happy Weekend



This made my weekend. Thank you.

Your mom is just too cute. Even Flea seems to thinks so. ;-)

Aaawwww...thanks. You're sweet.

Erm... comes with being in NY? Or in FL?
Anyhow, your mom is totally cute. Happy weekend to them, too!

Yep... I am the dork who does not know who Flea is. Any help?

My mom would definitely not know who Flea is. Awesome.

Self-proclaimed Dork Jason-
Flea is a member of the band Red Hot Chili Peppers. Now, you see, there is a direct connection between Flea and this foodie blog!

Awesome! I love it.

2nd dork here...
Thanks Leigh

That's great!

I love it when your mom makes the blog :)

yeah, i get so excited when i see your mom in an entry. sorta like the feeling i get when david letterman's mom makes an appearance in his show.

Your mom is adorable! Were you at a hip eatery?

That's awesome. Yer mom rocks.

They make a lovely couple. I'm not sure who you most resemble...

Your Mom double rocks!!! Thanks for sharing her with all of us.

I swear, when I grow up I want to be your mom. She is so fricking adorable!

LMAO! I love it, your mom is the coolest, ever

Oedipus, shmoedipus, the important thing is that you love your mom.

Ok, and how did this photo come to happen?

So random, I love it!

Hi Flea, hi Mom! Happy weekend, or maybe next weekend to them too ^.^

I didn't know your mom met Flea! Just last night I was reading all about him in "Scar Tissue", Anthony Kiedis' autobiography. Yes, I own this, it's true. In hardcover!

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