January 10, 2006 2:27 AM | By Adam Roberts | 23 Comments

You Are Invited To The Amateur Gourmet's Second Anniversary Party

On Saturday, January 14th, this site will be two years old. To celebrate this momentous occasion I've decided it's time to meet you, my loyal readers, out on the town. I've done some research and some phonecalling and here's what I've come up with...

WHAT: The Amateur Gourmet's 2nd Anniversary Party
WHERE: The City Bakery [3 W. 18th St. between Fifth and Sixth Aves. Phone: 212-366-1414]
WHEN: Saturday, January 14th, at 4 PM.

Here's the deal. I love The City Bakery. I always want to eat their outrageous tarts but can never think of a reason to justify the $6 indulgence. Now we have the perfect reason. I talked to several people on the phone, and they won't reserve us a table and to rent the space after it closes would cost $150 a person. That's a bit much. So what we'll do is I'll get there at 3:30 and hopefully pin down a table and as you arrive, treat yourself to a tart downstairs and meet me (and a few the many friends you've seen featured on the site) upstairs where hopefully we'll have a table. The place closes at 6:30 so that gives us two and a half hours for some significant bonding and celebration. Just let me know if we can expect you in the comments to this post. Also, please don't link to this info on your site, I'd like to keep it to loyal AG readers otherwise what are we celebrating? Maury Rubin's tarts? No, people, we're supposed to be celebrating me me me! Can't wait to meet you all on Saturday.


Have a good time. Wish I could come.


Jen G. (from Brooklyn) and I are planning on attending! We have our party socks all laid out! :)

I´ve start reading this blog about 3 months ago and I've followed your amazing trip to Paris. Unfortunately I'm not in NYC but I'll "say a little pray for you". Forever. And ever... keep on the good work. Congratulations

Hah, if I was just on the other side of the Atlantic.. I'd come for sure. Happy celebrations!! :)

I'll be there! Congrats.

I will be there! I'm excited for tarts! And of course, you you you.

Congratulations! I'll be celebrating with you in spirit all the way over here in the South Bay. Can't you just feel the love vibes?

Awww...have a great time, congratulations and happy happy blogaversary. I'll be in Texas on a writing retreat, unfortunately. Someone have a creme brulee tart and a dark chocolate tart for me, since I'll probably be eating chicken-fried everything. But if NYC's food bloggers decide to have a follow-up event, I'm there...

Happy Anniversary! Unfortunately, I'll be in Vermont for the long weekend...wish I could have made it (to finally meet you).

I'm mostly a lurker but I'd love to come and worship at the feet of the Amateur Gourmet. See you Saturday!

We never write to you, but everybody at Lassi loves your blog.
come by and let us feed you,
28 Greewich Ave

i hope to be there!

Yeah, I'll be there! I couldn't think of a better place. Hmm, shall I try a tart or a chocolate chip cookie?

Well i'm in Saskatchewan, Canada, so NYC is a little far away for me. Would be there if i could

Met you in Atlanta once at a Starbucks while you were studying for law school finals, methinks.

Congratulations on your second anniversary.

Happy 2nd Anniversary! Wish I could be there. I'm a little exasperated at the timing-- I just left the Big Apple last Thursday!

City Bakery was great. I loved their pears poached in maple butter and their oatmeal raisin cookies... divine!

Look forward to the pics.

The other AG
(in Sydney).

What a great idea! THeir evening chocolate cookies are terrific + a shot. Unfortunately I don't get off work on Sat till 6:30 maybe next year...

excellent. will see you there with perhaps a Bay Area transplant in tow.

Can't find your email address, so I will have to comment. I remember you were having problems with google, so...

Check out this article: http://www.webpronews.com/insidesearch/insidesearch/wpn-56-20050623GoogleSecretsRevealed.html

Google may penalize your pagerank if you are only registered for 1 year. Are you registered for more than a year?

I'll be out of town this weekend, so I'll miss you CB party. :( Have a great time meeting all your readers!

Happy Birthday! Been enjoying the blog for 3 months now.

See you there!

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