November 9, 2005 2:32 AM | By Adam Roberts | 120 Comments

Excitement #2: (Hold Your Breath...) It's a BOOK DEAL

Oh goodhearted reader---I've been keeping something from you for a while now. Last year in March, I was contacted by a literary agent who told me she thought I had a book in me. I said: "A book? Me? Write a book?" But she persisted and over the next few months we worked out a concept. I then spent most of my summer writing the first two chapters. And over the past few weeks we polished off the nitty gritty and sent it out to some publishers.

Well there was interest from Bantam. You know Bantam, they're a big publisher! And this morning they wanted to meet me. So I gussied myself up at 7:30 am, rode the train to their offices uptown and met my agent in the lobby. She pepped me up for the meeting: "You're going to do great." Upstairs we met with the editor, the publisher and the publicity department. They asked me lots of questions and I regaled them with stories and anecdotes and nuggets of philosophy about food. I thought it went well and so did my agent.

"When do you think we'll hear?" I asked her.

"Probably in a few days," she responded.

So I scurried off to class and casually made my way home. When I got home there was an e-mail from my agent. "They made an offer." I called her immediately.

"Did we sell my book?"

"We sold your book!" she answered joyously.

"We have a deal?"

"We have a deal."

And so my friends, it's an honor to share with you this news. Me---little ole me who little more than a year ago imagined a terrible life for myself in a tiny law firm with a billboard and a mustache and a commercial where I say "Have you been hurt in an accident"---I've got a book deal!! Thanks for being so supportive of my site. I know it's cliche but I literally couldn't have done this without you, my loyal readers who constantly support me. This has been the best day ever.


Congratulations, Adam! That is so amazing. Can't wait to buy my copy! We miss you down here in the ATL...

I am so excited for you! Nobody is more deserving. You'll have to keep us all up to speed on everything about the book - especially when we can expect to get it! And the redesign is really creative and muy bonita. So many great things happening for you...and for readers like me!

Congratulations! That is so exciting. Please do keep us updated, and keep up the good work on the site.

Yay! CongratulationsI I eagerly await the coming of your book and here is to hoping you will include many tasty pictures.

Congrats! Great news. Keep us posted on the process.

That is awesome! I can't wait to read it. Good job and congrats.

I hope you celebrate somewhere nice, Daniel maybe, or Ducasse. Those are two places I don't think you've been to and I would love to see what you think of them.

Hi Adam, that's great news - congratulations! When will it actually be out? It'll probably reach us Aussies at a later stage tho' :-(

You do know that we'll all want signed copies, right? Congrats!!! You deserve it!

Adam, I am SO happy for you! You deserve it. I can not wait to see/read your book. Tell us more about it.

Congradulations Adam, you deserve it. Clotilde also got a book deal, and I know why both of you are becoming famous. You both are very nice people, not pretentious food snobs. Foodies and ordinary people can relate to you. You don't just appeal to a certain type but everyone. Keep up the good work.

Congratulations Adam.
Cant's wait to hear more about it - the subplots, the intrigue, the man who gets the meat...loaf. :)


Hooray! I'm usually a lurker, but I wanted to come out and congratulate you. Your writing is hilarious, engaging, and always appetizing. I'll buy your book!

Congrats Adam! Go get 'em!!


I KNEW it was going to be a book deal when you teased us last night - because, you know, you're good like that. Congrats, Adam. Fantastic news, and totally deserved.

How wonderful!!! I cannot wait to buy a copy (signed I hope.) You have got to tell us more about it...

That's absolutely fantastic!!!! And utterly deserved.


Congratulations Adam, that's absolutely wonderful!! :)

Anne in Sweden

I second Katherine. Congrats!

Congratulations, Adam! I will definitely buy your book. I'll even find a way to teach it in a college class.

I've been reading your site for years now.. mostly as a foodie lurker. As a publicist for a major publishing company myself, I say CONGRATS! and if you have any questions.. feel free to ask! I'll definitely be buying your book!

I've been reading your site for years now.. mostly as a foodie lurker. As a publicist for a major publishing company myself, I say CONGRATS! and if you have any questions.. feel free to ask! I'll definitely be buying your book!

Congrats, Adam! Well done!

Congratulations Adam! There is not much more I can say that has not already been said, so I will just grin happily in your general direction and eagerly await your contribution to my bookshelf! Bravo!


That's so awesome!! You've got to give us a hint as to what it's about--I can't wait to read it! I hope it includes recipes!

Congratulations! I too, am a lurker who loves your site, and your wit! Hope you will always keep blogging!

That is great news. I cant wait until the book comes out.

Belly up to the bar at Babbo and toast yourself with a bellini. Congratulations on your most fantastic news. Can't wait to read it!

Congrats on the book deal and the new look of the site! I love reading your site.

Mazel Tof!

Great job! I'm sure this will go far for you! Keep up the good work and don't forget about us little ones ;)

Congratulations. If your book is even half as fun to read as your blog it will be a best seller. It really is great news.

Congratulations! :D

This is awesome, wonderful news! Congratulations, almost total stranger!

FELICITACIONES!!! Hope to read it soon...

Mainly a lurker as well, but definitely wanted to come out and say congrats!!! Such big news, we're so excited for you!! And yes, we all want you to sign our copies!

That's amazing! I will, of course, scrounge up some money to buy your book. In the meantime, you should have a posh little book-pre-writing party with hor 'doeuvres on a stick and lots of people who you don't know. Tehe.

Congratulations, Adam. You give all the beginner bloggers hope *G*

Congratulations! Any projected release date?

Congratulations, Adam!

Congratulations! Can't wait to buy it...

Congratulations on an honor well deserved. Please dedicate the book to Pancetta!

Yay, Adam! Can't wait for the book tour to hit the Bay Area. :-) Congratulations!

I am so happy for you. Seriously, you have been a secret that I have been emailing friends for over a year. I love reading the antics, the reviews and the recipes. So, thank you and prepare for the new future that you have created for yourself. Life is for living...I mean: eating.

That is awesome!! I can't wait to buy it!! :D


However, I'm still holding you to the moustache.

Wow! Good for you! I'm sure it will be great.

WTG Adam! How exciting!!!

Congratulations!!! What great news. No one deserves it more - you hardworking, hysterically funny blogger. Let us know how you celebrate!

Congratulations Adam!!!!!
For months I've lurked around here and enjoyed reading your blog everyday. Can't wait for your book to come out!

That sounds great Adam! You will definitely need to hold a signing in the NYC area.

Adam!!! Yay!!! That is so cool, you deserve all of your success. Can't wait to buy your book

CONGRADS ADAM!! I'm so happy for you!! You definately deserve it and hopefully it will be the start of much more great things to come your way!!

I definately agree with a signing when it comes out!

Congratulations! You deserve this, and I can't wait to read it.

That's great news Adam. I can't wait!

Congratulations!! I'm a relatively new reader but it didn't take me long to become addicted. Can't wait for your book!

Have i ever told you your my favorite DDW grad student.
Well, let's review:
pretty webpage.
good food.
book deal.

So the favorite.

congratulations! you deserve it - i think lots of people would be thrilled with an amateur gourmet book. i'm just glad somebody was smart enough to buy your book.

Another long-time lurker here who just had to congratulate you, Adam. Well done!

Congratulations! I can't wait to read it.

Now the big question is--where are you going to eat to celebrate?? (I humbly suggest Per Se)

Congrats Adam! If you need a date for your Babbo celebration, I'm available. I might even treat! :-)

How awesome! You completely deserve it. I'd buy an advance copy tomorrow.

Keep writing plays, too. I'd love to read one of those!

Holy moses! That's really fantastic news. You must be over the moon. I'll be looking for the book in the stores.

OMG!! That is fantastic news! Congrats!

That's so fantastic! I love this site, and it has inspired my own food adventures with friends. I'll surely buy your book. Congratulations!

I'm very happy for you. Enjoy your success.

Best Regards,

Cheers to you! I love your blog and your writing. No one could deserves it more.

Congrats! I know it's going to be a big success.

That is wonderful news- it couldn't happen to a better blogger. *sniff* I'm all verklempt!

ps- the new header looks great, too.

Absolutely GREAT!

I'm a daily reader of your blog, but never post, but I'm coming out of hiding to say HOLY $*&@!! and Congratulations. You are hilarious and your blog is a joy to read. You deserve all the good things coming your way. Enjoy it!

This is so great, what an opportunity, couldn't happen to a better guy. I'm a long-time reader, and I look forward to whatever you write. This book is going to be excellent! I'm sure I speak for a lot of us, when I say how proud I am, of you. After reading your stuff for so long, I feel like I know you, and something this great happening to "one of us" is so cool.

It's great getting to do what you love for a living.

I can't wait for the contests to begin on who will get their first signed copy!

congratulations! how great, to write about your passion! make sure to update us with the release date, title, etc. i will keep my eye out for it.

This site and your blog have been my guilty and secret addiction for over a year now, although I do take credit for tipping off my food loving friend Caroline about your blog. She loves it too. I guess it won't be a secret for long! Congrats on the book deal! I can't wait to read it b/c I'm already a huge fan. Best wishes and good luck with it!!

PS....the Russell Crowe cake posting PURE GENUIS!

Hooray! Great news for you, but even better for those of us who have been enjoying your blog and always wanting more of your wit, whimsy, and way with words (sorry that came out bizarrly alliterative). You MUST include Lolita somehow... (glad that her video message is at the top of your films listing on the redesign!). Will you sell signed copies through your site? I eagerly await a release date!

Congratulations, Adam and all the best with your book!

Hi Adam:
I too am a lurker who has come out of lurkdom to congratulate you on your book deal with Bantam. I have been reading your blog almost from its inception. If your book is anything like your blog, you are bound to be an instant best seller!
By the way, now that you are officially an author, you might want to check out They are an online book discussion group, and they are especially kind to authors. After a few posts there, I'm sure you'll have as many fans there as you have on your blog.
I'm looking forward to your book tour!


Congrats on the finish the book so i can read it already.

Oh, I really like flying foodstuffs, too!

Adam! Calm down. You have only written 2 chapters. Much hard work is ahead. Then you can celebrate.

This is HUGE! Congrats!

I'm another longtime reader, first-time poster. Yours is hands down my favorite blog and I can't wait to buy your book. Please come to DC if you do a book tour!


That's amazing, congratulations! I can't wait to pick up my copy.

Congratulations, you deserve it! I think you'd also be great in the Next Food Network Star show.

Congratulations! Waiting for book now.

Hi Adam,
What an exciting thing... Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing how it's all like. Keep up great work!

Well done, Adam. Congrats from Perth, Australia.

Congratulations! I got tears in my eyes when I read your good news. That is truly wonderful. I think I cried because it's inspiring to know that good people are rewarded for doing good things.

Congratulations! I got tears in my eyes when I read your good news. That is truly wonderful. I think I cried because it's inspiring to know that good people are rewarded for doing good things.

Yay! We're all so psyched for you.

so...the rich get richer. why am i supposed to be ecstatic again?

Woohoo! Congrats Adam. You must've known there was no suspense about whether you'd get a book deal. It was a shoo-in. You are consistently entertaining and a must-read every morning. You should definitely push for a publicity campaign Down Under =)

wowie zowie! You deserve it!

Looking forward to the book. Hope it includes a DVD with your songs and films.

Adam, I am so so happy for you! You are one of the most creative and talented people I know. You not only deserve a book deal, but the rest of the world deserves to read it. Congratulations and I can't wait till it's out.

Congratulations!! If you ever need any advice on working with a publisher, email me. I've been in the publishing industry for many years.

Congrats!!!!!!!!! You're terrific. Can't wait to read your book!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats!!!!!!!!! You're terrific. Can't wait to read your book!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can't wait to buy the book! I'm going to get a copy for my Mom, my Grandma, and every other friend and family member who said, "Boy, that director of Joseph and the Amazing Dreamcoat is going to do something great someday." And so he has!!!

Adam!!!! i knew it would happen for are a talented, creative, funny, entertaining, and now low and behold "Authur"!!! I am just bragging on you to all my parents couldn't be prouder...i will absolutely go to your book signing, and hope to see you on the Today show or who knows, maybe Oprah!!! Mazel-tov!!! xoxoxo robin from new jersey...

i am a bit slow on the uptake here.
congratulations, Adam!

good things happen to good people!

AG, you no doubt will conquer the world with your new book and become Oprah's new best friend. Many hearty congratulations from EUSOL back in the ATL. I want a signed copy when it comes out!

Wow look... I've been busdy making cakes and you're writing a book! Congratulations, Adam. Let us know when you'll be touring.

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