September 7, 2005 12:47 AM | By Adam Roberts | 12 Comments

WBW13: Like Wine For Chocolate (Or: How I Ruined A Perfectly Good Idea!)

When Clotilde announced WBW13: Like Wine For Chocolate (WBW is Wine Blogging Wednesday) I made a mental note to hire a wine tutor, a chocolate tutor, and to steal a recipe from a book that would tell me as much as I needed to know about both. Unfortunately, I totally flaked out and forgot to prepare anything and then late this afternoon I was like: "Oh no! I need to submit something for Clotilde's Wine Blogging Wednesday! Something with wine and chocolate!"

Her instructions were very simple: "I would like you to look for a wine that will pair beautifully with an intensely flavored chocolate cake. Sweet or dry, red, white, rosé or polka-dotted -- your choice entirely!"

Because I didn't have time to run out, I grabbed the only wine I had on hand and then scrounged around for chocolate. Here's what I found:


That's Beaujolais and Nutella. Who'd have thunk the two might go together? No one, I tell you, no one: and for good reason. They don't! But I learned this the hard way.

My idea was cute, you have to give it that. I would coat the rim of the glass with Nutella like Mexicans coat margarita glasses with salt. Then I'd fill it with wine. That'd be my contribution. And so I did just that:


I raised a glass to the Empire State Building and gave it a sip.


It wasn't nasty---I didn't spray red wine all over the room. But, at the same time, the two clearly didn't go together. The wine was meaty, if that makes sense, and the Nutella was--well--not meaty. Plus the Nutella smeared all over my mouth, extending my smile both ways about an inch. It was not a pretty picture.

And so, dear readers, I tried--you must give me that. I hope the other contributors to WBW13 fared much better than I did. I'd like the prize for most endearing effort. I am endearing, dammit!


seriously this is the saddest and funniest thing I have read in a long time...I am laughing through the tears...


Another less messy option would be to dust the rim of the glass with cocoa powder sweetened or not. Though the end results would very likely be the same. I give you an A+ for effort.


Beaujolais would hardly be called a "meaty" wine. Its about as thin as red wine gets.

so funny, really

This was so funny, really!

I read Clotilde's comment on your entry and jumped right over to read it. Thanks for a great laugh and I love the photo!

hahahahaha Adam,
you're incorringable!!!

Dude,it's incorrigible!

Try sticking the nutella rimmed wine glass in the freezer for a few, till the nutella is solid? Pour in wine, then Cheers! What do you think?

Brilliant, but not too tasty looking.

That is the funniest thing I've seen all day and I am sooo bored at work. Thank you so much - I'm still laughing (For those who can see me at my desk through a huge plate glass window, somewhat maniacally, I might add.) I am, maniacal, not the people on the other side . . .

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