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Get Knives

Elise, of Simply Recipes, was an early champion of my site. We even spoke on the phone once. I like her a whole bunch.

I was browsing around her site the other day and came across this: Shopping Alert - Calphalon 15 Piece Knife Set. This is very exciting, you see, because I NEED a knife set. I only have one chef's knife and that's it. And most knife sets I've seen cost like $400. This is a 15-piece Calphalon Knife set for $179! Plus, with the discount code you save $25. And with supersaver shipping you don't pay any shipping. I'm not getting any money for telling you this: Elise will get all your money if you click through her. In fact, I did just that and my knife set's on the way! Woohoo! Now I can stab people!


Adam, you are so funny! Thanks for buying the knife set through my site. And I can't believe you've made it this far with only a chef's knife! Though according to Anthony Bourdain, that's all one ever really needs. Not being a chef myself, I would be lost without all my knives. We bought a Calphalon set from this too, to give to my sister. It has good reviews, so hopefully it will be a good set.

Calphalon knives are pretty good. I've got their bread knife and their paring knife. But you probably don't need the whole set. Unless you carve a lot of meat and fish, you can make do with four knives: a chef's knife, a long thin bladed knife, a paring knife, and a bread knife. That's what I've got, hanging on a magnetic strip on the wall behind my countertop. (My chef's knife is a fantastic Global, and my long thin knife was $4 at a local hardware store... I'll get a better one eventually...)

Adam, you bastard! Now I'm going to have to buy a goddamn knife set. And it's annoying, because I don't need ALL the knives, just most of them. But that's so cheap for good knives that I can't resist.

Just for that, I'm not bringing anything to the meetup. So there.

All you really need :

- A very good chef knife
- A very good paring knife
- A knife with a flexible blade so you can filet
- A rat tail
- Kitchen cissors

So long as you keep your knives deadly sharp (with the rat tail), alot of the more specialised knives are not necessary.

The chef knife in the set is TINY. I would recommend going with a much longer blade, at least 10" if not 12".

Longer blade means you can cut larger items in one stroke ... the less you "saw" the stuff, the less you damage it ... and large chef knives have the benefit that people are intimidated by them and don't use it ... so it stays in pristine condition for you to use and enjoy.

IMHO, all you need is a single good tactical kitchen knife. :-)

Uhm, actually, while that's mostly a joke, I really do use that thing for cooking. Never felt like shelling out the "holy cow, they want how much?" cash for a decent knife set when I already had a knife as sharp as that one handy.

I sold knives for two years at Sur La Table, and I don't think anyone needs (or uses) an entire knife set. My advice is to acquire in this order: 1) chef knife, 2) sharpening steel, 3) paring, 4) bread, and 5)fillet. That said, my absolute favorite knife is the funny-looking Global GS-5 which costs $56. Shape is between a short chef and a Santoku. Find one and handle it. You will see what I mean! I always reach for it first.

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