June 7, 2005 1:32 AM | By Adam Roberts | 8 Comments

Take Me Down to the Sullivan Street Bakery Where The Dough Is Sweet and the Toppings Pretty

Down in SoHo today, I decided to quit my job as a concierge at the Hotel Mercer because some asshole kept complaining about his phone "not being able to call Austrailia" and I made my way down Sullivan Street for some lunch. I'd already done Pepe Rosso (which I loved) and Peanut Butter & Co. (which I didn't) so I kept walking--walking south, more south than I'd ever been.

Then I remembered the Sullivan Streeet Baking Company. I'd heard many things and now it was staring me in my telephone-smacked face:


Here's Robert Sietsema on Sullivan Street--he can explain it better than I can: "When I want pizza like I get in Tuscany and Umbria, I go to Sullivan Street, where simple flatbreads with single toppings like mushrooms, zucchini and potatoes are cut into big rectangles and sold by weight. Nowhere in town is the relationship of dough to pie more apparent, with the possible exception of Rose & Joe's."

My choice for today's lunch was "funghi" (that means mushrooms) and what I think was labelled "pate" featuring potatoes and rosemary. Take a look:


Far and away the "funghi" was my favorite. The mushrooms were skillfully flavored with thyme and salt such that in one bite you might get an earthy muted taste and in another bite it'd be packed with flavor. The potato slice was fine--the rosemary helped--but I don't really like potatoes on pizza. If I had studied more carefully I'd have ordered the zucchini.

There were sandwiches in the case too which I'll try next time. Plus pastries which I resisted: they all looked really wonderful. Next door is a yogurt shop with authentic yogurt that I'll have to try once I get the money from the settlement. Before I eat yogurt, I have to eat Crowe!

(*Note: The humor in this piece is based on a current event involving a certain celebrity in a certain altercation. If you really don't know, read ANY OTHER WEBSITE to learn more!)


I visited NY last August and went there - it was fabulous. I loved the potato pizza - great flavors. Of course we are "everything is fabulous in NY" tourists! We can't wait to go again and try every place we've read about on your site.

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Food and Wine Lover

Um, I just went to the website for this place and first of all I want the crostat di Zucca! I love squash! Second of all they have a tab that says pornography- I feel scared! The poor naked bread.

Italian lesson #3
potato pizza = pizza con le patate (ok, even if you didn't like it, it's no excuse for not writing the word right)

I just found your site and have to tell you I love it! Im looking forward to reading more of your enties and trying some of the recipes. Also, the videos are hilarious! Bunnies, carrots, cupcakes almost made me fall off my chair I was laughing so hard!

keep up the great work!

Try the pizza pomodoro the next time you go, that's my current favorite. Oh, and if they have the schiacciata d'uva whenever you go, make sure to get a slice of that. I originally tried it with champagne grapes there, but they use concords sometimes too.


The LATimes Food Section must be catching your buzz because they featured the Sullivan Street Bakery in their first page article on bread in NYC.

They also featured Amy's Bread. I've never been there either but I've made many of the breads from her cookbook and found them truly excellent!

the sullivan street bakery is one of my favorite places in the'hood. pomodoro and potato sandwiched together for maximum deliciousness is my own glutty way of eatin em. i buy them all the time for dinner parties too and i tell people i made them.

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