April 11, 2005 1:24 AM | By Adam Roberts | 2 Comments

A Pain in the Quotidien

I've heard many good things about Le Pain Quotidien. Things like: "Hey Adam, you should try Le Pain Quotidien---the sandwiches are great."

The other day I was walking past one on 19th street (there are more than one) and I decided to go in. This would be the day--the day I tried Le Pain Quotidien. The sandwich menu is eclectic and interesting---there are unlikely options such as....ummm...some kind of pate? with cornichons? My memory hasn't been too good lately since the accident. What accident? I wish I knew.

I ordered roast beef with caper mayonaisse. Looks interesting, no?


And it was interesting in a very slight sort of way. Very simple: sliced roast beef, the mayonaisse, some mustard, tomatoes, the occassional scallion. On the side was a very crisp, very fresh salad. And, of course, cornichons. I like cornichons.

My main complaint was that tables were waiter-service only. So I ate my sandwich standing in the window. When they made me put on a dress and moved me to Barney's window, I found it a bit suspicious---but now I'm making a lucrative career for myself as a mannequin. I'm even dating Andrew McCarthy.


dude, i KNEW you were really Kim Catrall! :D

O.k., I'll bite. What are "cornichons"?

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