September 11, 2004 11:56 AM | By Adam Roberts | 1 Comment

Best Chinese Ever and They Deliver: Grand Sichuan

The foodies on Chowhound and eGullet often sing the praises of their favorite Chinese food in New York; that being the food served at Grand Sichuan. I haven't had a chance to make it over there yet, but the other night I had a brilliant idea. The brilliant idea went like this: "why don't I see if they deliver?"

Lo and behold they do. So I ordered the dish most of the foodies sang love songs about: the twice-cooked pork in bean sauce. I also ordered scallion pancakes and a Coke. Within 20 minutes there was a knock on my door. How awesome! How quick!


May not look so pretty in the picture, but I've been ordering Chinese food all my life and this was far and away the best thing I've ever had delivered to my door. (Well there was that paid-for-hire escort in college, but nevermind...) The pork was tender and flavorful, the sauce sweet and savory, and all throughout were slivers of onions and ginger that made the whole thing uber-delicious. The scallion pancakes were hardcore authentic and came with a mini-container of soy sauce for dipping.

So let me get this straight---I can have some of the best Chinese food in New York without even leaving my apartment? Just so happens I can.

1 Comment

Grand Sichuan NY has its own website, check it out

ChongQing hot pot is great stuff

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