May 31, 2004 3:30 AM | By Adam Roberts | 3 Comments

Katy Bakes a Nectarine Pie

Katy makes the best pie you'll ever taste and here's the movie that shows how she does it. Nectarines seem a strange filling for a pie, sure, but take my word: they work incredibly well.

Incidentally, I'm up now at 3:26 am because halfway through editing the film my computer froze and I had to start all over again. So forgive the hasty production values and focus on the pie: it was crazy delicious. Download "Katy Bakes A Nectarine Pie." [Quicktime Required.]


Katy lookslike quite an accomplished cook. And the pie looks yummy. How much did it differ from a more traditional peach pie?

Wow, not only does that look incredible, but Katy gets extra points for soundtrack! Hurray for Blondie!

Wow this is a book mark. I have to try a nectarien pie. How do you get it to "gel"? I love the taste already.

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