May 19, 2004 11:52 PM | By Adam Roberts | 6 Comments

How Might I Use This BBQ?

Walking back from Whole Foods tonight, I encountered a familiar site. This BBQ:


It seemed to beckon me.

"Come hither, young one," it said in a Yoda voice.

I obliged.


"You are the young gourmet they speak of?" he probed.

"I am," I replied.

"Then it is time you had your training," said the BBQ. Open me."

I did.


"Behold my innards," said the BBQ.

"I'm beholding," I said.

"Soon you will grill on them. Soon you will be a griller," he prophesized.

"Will I?"

"Now close me," snapped the BBQ. I snapped it shut.

The BBQ was silent. I walked away.

So does anyone know what kind of BBQ this is? Coal or gas or something? I have no idea. I am completely ignorant when it comes to BBQs. Would I need to buy coal? I have a BBQ book--"License To Grill"--so I'm not wanting for BBQ recipes, just BBQ knowledge. Please, help me face the master with confidence.


Though the dials would seemingly indicate some level of gas flow, I see no place for a gas canister. Furthermore, I observe spent coals in the bowels of the grill, suggesting that it feeds on carbonized wood.

Get thee some Kingsford and lighter fluid, and have at it.

Hrm- that's a gas grill with a direct line, thus no canister. We had them at Postwalk. I would think it's the same set-up.

There shouldn't be any charcoal in it though- those are probably lava or ceramic brickettes. Normal charcoal would have burned up and turned to ashes.

To light a a gas grill always make sure the lid is open! (or you might experience a KABOOM). Then insert a lighted match into lighting hole located at front or side of grill box. (Unless there's an electric starter, which produces a spark to ignite the gas. I whould think this is unlikely for these free standing apt complex models). Turn control knob to HIGH. Burner should light in a few seconds.

Go the way of the Force, young Jedi, and get thee to a friendly, neighborhood Weber kettle.

Go not the dark way of the gas grill...

Yea, s'kat doth speak the truth, but go ye one step further to rightousness: BBQ with lump charcoal. Forsake briquettes for they are Evil and filled with Unnatrual Flame Propellants.

So spake One, mistress of charcoal grilling on sidwalks.

(... er, rather, charcoal grilling in a Weber on a sidewalk. I don't grill directly on the sidewalk. But you're smart, you probably knew that, right? :^)

I am shocked to the core! Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I'd ever hear of a man who did NOT know how to char animal flesh over burning chemical-laden briquettes.....lord, take me now, I've heard it all ;)

Good luck in yr grilling endeavors.... I favor a nice grilled halibut steak topped with a quickie puttanesca sauce over linguine...

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