Movies That Induce Specific Food Cravings


I just saw Woody Allen’s newest movie, “Vicky Christina Barcelona”, and it induced three reactions: (1) Could this be? A new Woody Allen movie that I genuinely love and can imagine seeing again and again because I love it so much; (2) Please, God, put me on a plane to Barcelona ASAP; and (3) I need a glass of Spanish wine. right. now.

Seriously. I came home and begged Craig to go with me across the street to the wine bar so I could have a glass of Spanish wine but he said “no” and fell asleep on the couch. Have you ever had a movie induce a specific food craving? Is a wine craving a food craving? I don’t know, but if you live in Park Slope and want a glass of Spanish wine throw rocks at my window and I’ll meet you across the street. Oh no, I think the wine bar’s closed.

May my dreams be filled with tapas, Javier Bardem, and Spanish wine. Lots and lots of it.

Me at Best Cellars Today & Friday

I’ll be signing books today (Tuesday, 12/11) at the Best Cellars store on the Upper East Side (1291 Lexington Ave. at 87th Street) from 5 – 7 PM and then on Friday at the Upper West Side store (2246 Broadway between 80th & 81st) at the same time. There’ll be wine, food, and me–so come say hi! An autographed book makes a great holiday present.

Rib-Eye For One


Please remove your heart strings so I can tug them a bit: I am lonely! I miss Craig! He’s been gone all summer shooting his movie in Washington State. Well, he was in pre-production for the last few months; he just started shooting two weeks ago. The second day of shooting, he almost gave me a heart attack: he called me hysterical to say that, “The worst thing in the world that could’ve happened happened.” The equipment truck had caught fire in the night and it looked like all their film and equipment was destroyed. He hung up and I didn’t speak to him for another 24 hours and in that time I imagined the worst: that the movie was over. But when I spoke to him the next day he said it was a false alarm: a battery had overheated and exploded and covered everything with soot, but nothing was really destroyed. All was ok. And onward they go with the movie: he’s having a blast. And I wish I could be there but I have my book stuff to tend to. And he’ll be back in three weeks anyway. But in the meantime, I’m Mopey McMopeypants. I need some cheering up. Can’t someone kill a cow for me and give me its flesh to cook? They can? Yippee!

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