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Rockin’ Robyn

Look up! It’s Robyn, The Girl Who Ate Everything, and we’re visiting her blog today as we end the first week of the Virtual Book Tour. You’ll read all about our Korean bean curd adventure and see some wonderful pictures (much better than the picture you see above). Thank you, Robyn, for hosting me! And everyone else: don’t forget to buy a thousand copies of the book this weekend. They come in handy as party favors, birthday presents, divorce settlements… you’ll thank me later.

Gluten-Free Gushing

In case you were wondering what happened to the virtual book tour today, our beloved Pim of Chez Pim–who was supposed to host me today–is trapped in a hurricane. So we’ll postpone Pim until she’s back to safety, and in the meantime Shauna our beloved Gluten-Free Girl put up her post a day early. What a flattering rave for the book! I’ll be available here and there to take any reader questions, if you have any. [In the meantime, tomorrow I’m headed to Philadelphia to do “A Chef’s Table” on WHYY-FM; it’s syndicated to 17 public radio stations across the country, so check your local listings. I’ve always wanted to say that.]

Tuesdays with Ruhlman

Our Virtual Book Tour continues today over at with a highly in-depth interview. I don’t normally suffer fools gladly, but for him I made an exception. Enjoy!

The Virtual Book Tour Starts Today

Hey, it’s Labor Day and most of you are off on vacation but for those of you who are home and eager to learn more about me and the book, check out my first stop on my Virtual Book Tour over at Serious Eats. You’ll learn all about my phobias, my process, and what makes a Jellicle cat. And make sure to watch the sidebar of the blog (beneath the book picture) for updates on where I’m at as I tour around the internet. Have a great Labor Day!

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