Vegas Recovery Salad

When you get back from a weekend of binging in Las Vegas, you might find that you really crave salad. Not the wimpy kind with delicate garden lettuces, but a big bowl of raw vegetables that promises to cure all your ills. If you were a cheffy chef your first instinct might be to go to the farmer’s market to gather up your vegetables. If it’s Saturday night, though, chances are you’re too late for a farmer’s market. So you have two options: go to a restaurant that serves a big farmer’s market salad or make a salad from supermarket vegetables. Me? I’m the master of the latter.

Who’s Going To Win Top Chef?

This season of Top Chef has been my favorite so far. The chefs are more talented than they’ve ever been, the focus has been on the food not chef antics (well, except for everyone’s conflict with Robin) and somehow the Vegas setting, which might’ve undermined the shows credibly, has allowed for some of the world’s great chefs–Joel Robuchon, Thomas Keller–to act as judges. Today, I join my blogging friend Mark Blankenship (check out his great blog, The Critical Condition) for a discussion about this season of Top Chef and our predictions for who will win.

Vegas Days 3 & 4: Picasso, The Cook Off & Grand Tasting, “Love,” Daniel Boulud Brasserie, Craftsteak

If you go to you reach a page that tells you “sorry, but you’ve reached the end of the internet.” I bring this up because on Saturday night, at Craftsteak at the MGM Grand, I received a message from my stomach that said: “Sorry, but you’ve reached the end of eating.” It waved a white flag, as did the stomachs of my companions, and by the time we left Vegas on Sunday morning we vowed never to eat like this again.

Quick Notes

(1) Clear your cache and enjoy the new springy banner, a nice corollary to this week’s FN Dish. Thanks Erin, Leah and Justin, once again, for your great work.

(2) My weekly features–Tuesday Techniques and Music While You Eat–will now be more sporadic than weekly. I’d rather do thoughtful posts every now and then than forced posts every week. Plus I’m leaving for Vegas tomorrow, and I need to practice counting cards!

(3) Those of you who will be in Vegas, stay tuned… I have an exciting event that all of you can come to. I’m waiting for permission to post about it….

(4) I just noticed my tags aren’t working. Weird.

(5) Doesn’t Cloris Leachman have a weird name? Who names their daughter Cloris?

(6) Sorry, that last one didn’t have anything to do with food.

(7) Ok, time to start writing the next post….

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