Who Moved David’s Cheese?

[Hey, this is Adam The Amateur Gourmet and it’s official: I am back from Barcelona, Spain and this is our very last guest post. Last, but certainly not least. My friend John Kazlauskas, who you may remember from our trip to Paris or his trips to Iceland and Peru or his nephew Nico, now lives in L.A. and works as a writer’s assistant on ABC’s Brothers and Sisters. Are you a fan of that show? Well you’re really going to love this post–you’ll get to see what the writers eat behind the scenes. Ok, John, this is the last one so make it good…take it away!]

john kitchen.jpg

Welcome to the Writer’s Kitchen at ABC’s Brothers & Sisters! In the fast-paced, cut-throat world of primetime television our writer’s kitchen offers security, it offers hope and it offers – at any given moment – more than five pounds of sliced turkey.

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Have A Happy Thanksgiving


Either you’re prepping your turkeys or you’re prepping your stomachs or you’re prepping your turkey stomachs (Thanksgiving offal!), but no matter what you’re prepping: I wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving. Don’t forget to share your Thanksgiving pictures in The A.G. Photo Pool. Even if you don’t, though, happy cooking and, more importantly: happy eating.

[Note: The turkey you see above is the turkey I cooked last year and it was a huge hit. The secrets? I brined it in apple cider and cooked at at a very low 275. For all the info, click here. It’s not too late to brine!]

Turkey Kong

Fans of Lindy’s banners are really going to dig this month’s riff on Thanksgiving. Click on over from your Reader; if you still see trick-or-treating candidates, clear your cache and load it up again. Thanks, again, to my awesome team of banner makers: Lindy, Leah, Justin & Ben. You guys are the best; gobble, gobble.