True Adolescents

“True Adolescents” is here!

Many of you know that my partner, Craig Johnson (the guy you see in all of my posts), is a filmmaker. His first feature, TRUE ADOLESCENTS is finally here and I’m so excited that you, my loyal readers, will finally be able to see it. The movie stars Mark Duplass (who you may know as the co-director of “Cyrus” and the star of many indies, including “Humpday” and the FX show “The League”) as the misfit nephew of Academy Award-winner Melissa Leo. When his girlfriend throws him out of their apartment, Duplass comes to stay with Leo and Leo asks a favor: will he take her son and his best friend on the camping trip she promised them? The movie follows their adventure to the Olympic peninsula (remember when I went there to help scout for the movie?) and what ensues is both hilariously funny, slightly shocking and very, very moving.

Craig’s Premiere at SXSW

Before I get into all the food I ate in Austin, I just have to share with you how exhilarating it was to be at the premiere of Craig’s movie, True Adolescents, at SXSW. Having been there at the very beginning of the project–remember when we scouted locations on The Olympic Peninsula?–it was amazing to sit in a darkened movie theater, every seat full (they turned almost 50 people away at both screenings) and to see the words “written & directed by Craig Johnson” projected on the giant screen. It was even better to feel the audience reaction afterwards.

True Adolescents To Premiere at SXSW


Many of you know that my boyfriend Craig (whose birthday is today) is a film director who wrote and directed his first feature, True Adolescents, two summers ago in the Pacific Northwest. Now–at last!–the movie is having its premiere: it was announced today that Craig’s movie is one of only 7 movies (out of 750 submissions) in the Narrative Features competition at the SXSW Film Festival in Austin, Texas. And so, yes, that means we’re heading to Austin in March (my first time in Texas!) and we hope to see YOU at his screening. But in the meantime, please join the True Adolescents fan page on Facebook, bookmark the True Adolescents website, and make the awesome poster (created by celebrated comic book artist Cliff Chiang) your desktop image. Also: root for Melissa Leo at the Oscars–she’s in Craig’s movie and now she’s up for Best Actress for “Frozen River.” This is going to be an exciting year and I’ll definitely keep you posted here as our journey into the glamorous world of Hollywood–or, rather, Independent Cinema–begins.

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