How Would You Spend 24 Hours in Paris?

You all have been so helpful so far planning my European trip (I can’t believe we leave in two weeks!) and now I have a new challenge for you. My good friends Mark and Diana will be in Paris while I’m in London and I’ve decided to take that chummy old Chunnel to visit them for 24 hours before continuing on to meet Craig in Munich. This begs the question: WHAT TO DO IN PARIS FOR 24 HOURS? Or, more importantly, WHAT TO EAT IN PARIS FOR 24 HOURS? Don’t forget, I’ve been there once before, so this trip it would be nice to try some new things (though returning to Pierre Herme is definitely on my agenda). Also, looking for a dinner spot that’s super special but not insanely pricey (current thoughts: Restaurant Le Chateaubriand or Frenchie). Have at it, smart people! Merci beaucoup.

We Fell in Love with New Orleans

We were walking to dinner in a large group when the parade began to pass. I’d heard of jazz funerals, where the friends and family of the recently deceased march through the streets with music and dancing, a celebration of life in the face of death. This wasn’t that. This was a wedding parade; with a band and parasols and white handkerchiefs being waved. Here, I shot a video.

Where To Go and What To Eat in New Orleans?

This Friday I’m heading to New Orleans on a trip sponsored by the Louisiana Seafood Board, my first time there since I performed with my college improv comedy troupe at Tulane (where we slept on a frat house floor) and certainly the first time I’ve been there as a real eater. Many of the meals on the trip are already planned–we’re going to Bistro Maison de Ville, GW Fins, Commander’s Palace, Hansen’s Sno-Bliz and Drago’s Seafood Restaurant–but for those meals where we get to eat on our own, I’d love your advice. Where should we go? (I already know about August, Cochon and Cafe du Monde. I definitely plan to try at least 2 of those 3.) Also: for any free time that we have, what are your favorite things to do that aren’t food related in New Orleans? I hear there’s an albino alligator at the zoo. Thanks for your help!

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