Top Chef

Too Much “Top Chef”

May I gently suggest that there’s a bit too much “Top Chef” coverage out there? It’s a fine show, pretty entertaining, but there’s only so much I’m willing to read about the first eliminated contestants or “Team Rainbow” which, it should be said, is now being promoted by Bravo’s P.R. team in e-mails to bloggers. I literally just got this e-mail: “Last night on Top Chef, the one lesbian and two gay cheftestants crowned themselves ‘Team Rainbow’ in an impromptu genius (and adorable) move over a glass of wine. Now Bravo has created a ‘Team Rainbow’ t-shirt, so anyone can join the club.”

Genius? Adorable? I can hear the producers now standing on set: “Can we get all the gay contestants outside? Great. You guys are Team Rainbow; now say it on camera.”

Should Chefs Do Reality TV? A Discussion.

[I just chatted online with my friend Diana, who works in reality TV, about that very subject. Here it is, unedited (reality-style), for your consumption.]

AdamR218: i’m about to do a post about reality tv on my blog

Diana: ooh

AdamR218: i’m going to tell my readers never do it

AdamR218: that you always end up looking bad

Diana: haha

AdamR218: and even if oyu win

you won’t be that successful

Richard Blais

Anyone who watched the season premiere of “Top Chef” yesterday will have taken notice of Richard who charged out of the gate with his deep dish peach pizza and finished the episode in the top four. What you may not know is that one of the most memorable meals I’ve ever had in my life was a meal that he cooked at his now-closed eponymous Atlanta Restaurant, Blais. The entire meal–a 31 course tasting menu–is documented in my archives here and reading about it again, I’m still blown away. The fact that he’s on a reality show and having his food evaluated by Rocco “Bertolli” Dispirito is a little disturbing, but perhaps this show will earn him the national recognition he deserves. I’m glad I got to eat his food before he really makes it big.


Top Chef & Underdog Theory

After last night’s episode of “Top Chef,” which Diana and I really enjoyed, I pointed out that C.J.’s team had it coming. C.J., who CHOSE his team, made a classic blunder: he chose the beautiful people, the most likable people, the most popular kids in the class. And as anyone who’s seen an 80s movie knows, when you’re the last to get picked in gym class that means you’re going to score a touchdown at the end of the movie.

How I Almost Appeared on Top Chef


At this point, you’re probably well aware that last night’s episode of Top Chef Miami featured Andrea Strong as the top-secret food blogger “plant” in the highly dramatic restaurant episode. What you probably don’t know is that I too auditioned to be there at that table with Andrea. I was called in last winter to audition and, obviously, didn’t make the cut. What follows is the story of that process and maybe you can help me figure out what I did wrong and why they didn’t cast me.

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