PG Tips (A Morning Tea Ritual)

Recently a friend (who shall remain nameless (John K.)) compared me to an “old lady” because I described my new morning routine: I make toast and I make tea. Tea and toast.

I’ve described the toast to you, but not the tea. I started with Harney & Sons but as that started to run out, I bought a box of PG Tips from my local Gelson’s. I first heard about PG Tips from my friend Morgan, who went to school in England and drank lots of tea; then I saw it again in April Bloomfield’s new book, where she describes drinking it with a splash of milk.

My Love Affair with Toast

I’m about to make a scandalous admission, the sort of thing that usually requires a press conference and a disappointed looking wife standing next to you: I’ve been having a sordid affair… a sordid affair with toast.

Now I know what you’re thinking. “Toast? TOAST? You’re having a sordid affair with toast? Couldn’t you have had a sordid affair with something sexier… like, I don’t know, butter? Or bacon? Or butter-flavored bacon?” Hear me out, people. Toast can be sexy. You just have to approach it the right way.

Someone’s In The Kitchen With…Emeric Harney

This week on “Someone’s In The Kitchen With….”, I play host to Emeric Harney of the legendary SoHo tea emporium Harney & Sons. Learn how to brew green tea properly, what makes white tea white tea, which kind of tea has the most caffeine (the answer may surprise you) and how to pronounce “pu’er” properly (and what, precisely, “pu’er” is in the first place.) You’ll be happy to see that because I shot this on iMovie, we don’t encounter the same technical issues we encountered last week with Rachel Wharton (don’t worry, we’ll have her back!) Next week I’m playing host to Phoebe Lapine and Cara Eisenpress, the bloggers behind “Big Girls, Small Kitchen” who have a brand new book coming out (with a Foreward from none other than Ina Garten.) Make sure to follow me on Twitter so you can Tweet any questions you may have for them. And if you have ideas for future guests, leave them in the comments!

A Proper Tea

On this blog, only one hot, caffeinated beverage gets the love (see: coffee), but what about the other hot, caffeinated beverage? No, not boiled Coke, I’m talking about tea.

Funny story: the other day I Tweeted, “I think I’m ready to own a teapot.”

McNulty’s Blue Eyes Herbal Tea

Last week I had a tiny bit of a hangover after meeting friends for drinks the night before. The solution? I fried up two eggs, sunnyside up, toasted some bread and squished it all together into an oily, decadent sandwich. And because I was craving something greasy and yolky, it was seriously one of the best bites I can remember having in recent memory: it totally and completely hit the spot.

What does that have to do with tea? Well a week before last, both Craig and I were sick with nasty, ugly colds. And with our sore throats, we didn’t want coffee, we wanted tea. I reached into my cabinet and pulled out a gift that my friend Matthew Horovitz gave me for my birthday: tea from Mcnulty’s Tea & Coffee Co. in the West Village.

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