What I Ate in Austin, Texas

There are a few things you need to know about my trip to Austin, Texas. First, the purpose of my trip was to support Craig’s film at SXSW, so while a typical trip to a new city would involve obsessive visits to any and every eating establishment, this trip I was pretty restrained and also a bit hobbled because I didn’t have a car. Craig’s film team had a van that would drive us to screenings and interviews and other film events, but to get anywhere food-related cost about $25 by cab because our hotel (a dilapidated Day’s Inn that we fled to after the house we rented had fleas) was way out in the boonies. Add to that the fact that my camera overheated and died (I used Craig’s camera instead), this was quite the challenging trip. And yet still, somehow, I ate really well.

Craig’s Premiere at SXSW

Before I get into all the food I ate in Austin, I just have to share with you how exhilarating it was to be at the premiere of Craig’s movie, True Adolescents, at SXSW. Having been there at the very beginning of the project–remember when we scouted locations on The Olympic Peninsula?–it was amazing to sit in a darkened movie theater, every seat full (they turned almost 50 people away at both screenings) and to see the words “written & directed by Craig Johnson” projected on the giant screen. It was even better to feel the audience reaction afterwards.

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