Our Skeleton Twins Sundance Adventure

When I first laid eyes on Craig, it was in the spring of 2006 at Joe on Waverly and he was with a guy slightly shorter than him working on a screenplay. I didn’t know they were working on a screenplay; mostly, I wondered if they were a couple or just friends. When Craig went to get water, we made eye contact. A few weeks later, totally randomly, he looked at my Friendster profile (remember Friendster?) and I sent him an e-mail. We went on a date. And another date. And now we’ve been together for almost eight years. And that screenplay he was working on with his friend (who turned out to be Mark Heyman who’d later go on to write Black Swan and to marry my good friend Diana)? It became a movie–The Skeleton Twins–that just premiered to wild acclaim at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.

Sundance Here We Come!

That’s a picture of Craig finding out what was just officially announced: his movie The Skeleton Twins (which he co-wrote with our friend Mark Heyman and which stars Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader) is going to premiere in competition at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival! Needless to say, we’re over-the-moon excited about this; it was a journey seven years in the making. Now we’ve just gotta find some heavy coats and snow boots, it’s gonna be cold in Utah in January. Congrats to him and all of the talented people who worked on this movie. I can’t wait for all of you to see it.

Sundance Thrills

The stars of Craig’s movie, True Adolescence, blew the lid off at Sundance this year. Melissa Leo, who plays Aunt Sharon, starred in Frozen River which won the grand jury prize for Best Film. Mark Duplass, who plays Sam, sold his movie Baghead to Sony Pictures–a huge achievement for a movie shot entirely on a little video camera with no-name actors.

Meanwhile, our friends Andrew and Rob–who you met when we went to Cape Cod last year–both hit home runs with their short films. Andrew’s film, Sikumi (On The Ice), won the Jury Prize in Short Filmmaking and Rob’s film Aquarium received honorable mention.

A huge congrats to everyone–I’m honored to be connected to you all!

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