I Am Disappointed in This Parsley-Scented Hand Soap

“Write the things that matter to you most” is what a writing teacher somewhere is telling his or her classroom of students. This is great advice and I am heeding it right now when I tell you: I am disappointed in this parsley-scented soap. I bought it at Bed, Bath & Beyond a month ago and squirreled it away for when we ran out of the lavender-scented hand soap. When that day came, I eagerly threw the lavender into the trash and removed the parsley-scented soap from the cabinet. This would be the moment, the moment I would find out what it’s like to use parsley-scented soap.

Kitchen Grease Hand Soap

I don’t normally take pictures in restaurant bathrooms. Ok, so maybe I do, but that’s not something I like to talk about on the blog. The point is that the other day, I met my parents for lunch at Lupa (I’m going to blog about their tartufo, the best I’ve ever had, later in the week) and something in the bathroom made such an impression on me that I took a picture of it. You probably can’t make out the words, though, so let me explain.

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