Server Switch

You know how sometimes you go to high school and you’re the world’s biggest nerd and you only have three people to sit with and you still drink juice out of a juice box? But then in 4th period English class you say something really funny and the cool kids ask you to sit with them the next day and more kids ask you to sit with them and before you know it the whole school is sitting around you at lunch?

Ok, I don’t know what that’s like at all, but my server certainly does! When my web guru Ben Lim put me on the server I’m currently on I was getting modest traffic, but now I’m getting so much traffic it keeps crashing the server which is why the site sometimes doesn’t load when you try to load it. So, in T-Minus 15 minutes, we’re going to begin the Big Server Switch to a swifter more spacious server that’ll ensure the site will always load and all kids–popular, unpopular, even the ones with headgear–can sit with us when we eat. There won’t be any more blogging here this week, but when you come back Monday, a bright shiny server awaits you.

All right, Ben: Let the Great Server Switch commence!