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The 2nd Annual New York Foodie Photo Scavenger Hunt

If you’ve been reading this blog for more than a year, you may remember an exciting contest from last year called “The Great New York Foodie Photo Scavenger Hunt.” It worked like this: I wrote a long list of celebrated New York foodie destinations and assigned different points for various tasks that contestants had to undertake at these destinations while posing for pictures that they’d ultimately upload to Flickr. Here are last year’s results. As you can see, contestants had the time of their lives and not only that, the first and second place winners received two tickets each to Tom Colicchio’s “Toast to the Children Event” at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

The Scavenger Hunt Winners at Tom Colicchio’s “Toast to the Children”

At last, the winners of The Great New York Foodie Photo Scavenger Hunt–Rachel Wilke, our first place winner (seen on the right w/her photographer co-scavenger hunter, Mike Piaker) and Stephanie Krasinski, our second place winner (seen on the left with her photographer co-scavenger hunter Andrew Teichman)–were able to cash in on their prize, joining me at the Mandarin Oriental hotel for Tom Colicchio’s “Toast To The Children” charity event.

Scavenger Hunt Updates

* The kind people at Children of Bellevue have awarded our 2nd place winner, Stephanie Krasinski, two $150 passes to the charity event for her scavenger hunt efforts. (Rachel, the 1st place winner, gets two $450 tickets. I don’t really understand the difference.) Now everyone’s happy!

* Bonnie Slotnick points out, in the comments, that the dog in the pictures is not hers: “He belongs to my friend Mike, and I was babysitting while Mike was away. Rollins LOVED hearing about all the food!”

* Finally, Ruth Reichl commented on Twitter: “No guys participated? I’m fairly stunned. What does that mean, I wonder. Any ideas?” Well, male readers, what say you? Why did you disappoint the editor-in-chief of Gourmet Magazine?!?

While I was in Austin, my camera battery overheated so I’m headed into the city today to get my camera fixed. Expect an Austin post tomorrow!

Scavenger Hunt Results!

The results are in and seven women–Jamie, Julie, Breanne, Stephanie, Brooke, Tamara and Rachel–are competing to win two tickets to Tom Colicchio’s “Toast to the Children” event at The Mandarin Oriental on April 7th. For those who missed it, I posted a scavenger hunt on the blog last Thursday that would send my readers all over New York, seeking luminaries of the food world and some of the tastiest bites I know. Everyone who participated told me how much fun they had and I can only imagine that having an excuse to eat cannolis on Arthur Avenue, soup dumplings at Grand Sichuan and sturgeon at Russ & Daughters was more of a treat than a burden. I’m sure all the participants are desperate to know who won, so let’s get started.

The Great New York Foodie Photo Scavenger Hunt

Attention New York City Food Lover,

Do you have a camera? Do you have a friend? How would you like to spend your weekend running all over the city with your friend taking pictures of you in front of all of the foodie landmarks, eating cookies from Levain Bakery and smoked fish from Russ & Daughters?

“Eh,” you say and I respect that because you’re a busy person and you’d rather spend your weekend drooling on the couch watching reruns of Paula’s Party than chasing after fish and cookies for some idiot’s website.

“But wait,” I say, “what if there was a prize?”

“A prize?” you ask.

“A prize!” I say.

“Tell me more.”

“Ok!” I say.

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