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The 2012 Foodie Photo Scavenger Hunt (Sponsored By The Culinary Institute of America) Starts Now

On your marks…get set….

Ok, wait! Before you get started scavenger hunting, I need to tell you a few things about the 2012 Foodie Photo Scavenger Hunt. First: choose your partner wisely. Not only will you be spending all weekend with them; if you win, you’ll be cooking together for four days at the CIA. This is not a time to collaborate with a frienemy! Second: please read the rules carefully. I’d hate for you to spend all weekend scavenger hunting only to find that because you ignored a potentially crucial rule you’re disqualified. Then I’d be your frienemy and it’ll be so awkward if we run into each other out at dinner. Ok?

So let’s talk about the rules.

Two Things

1. Check out the new banner by Lindy Groening. If you have bee allergies, my apologies; there’s an epinephrine autoinjector for you on the bottom right of the page. (Hey: I’ve seen “My Girl.”)

2. Tomorrow begins the 2012 Foodie Photo Scavenger Hunt (with over $3500 in prizes from the CIA). I’m posting the list at 5 PM E.S.T. and you have until Sunday at midnight to complete it. In the meantime, if you’re on Twitter, check out the hashtag #foodiephotohunt. That’ll be important during the hunt for an opportunity to score some bonus points by finding other teams in your area. And if you have any questions, ask them with that hashtag and I’ll be sure to answer them. Now e-mail your friends and find a partner, quick!

Scavenger Hunt Results 2010

At first the idea of tallying up the points for the 2nd Annual Foodie Photo Scavenger Hunt seemed tedious; but then, once I started doing it this morning, I found myself laughing out loud at some of the pictures and smiling at some of the captions. The best caption was the one at the end of Stephanie’s Scavenger Hunt: “Completely exhausted, really well-fed, and so full of great memories! This was one of the best weekends we’ve had in NY.”

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