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It’s Hard To Look Good While Eating….

I was hesitant to post the picture of Craig eating the egg onion bagel in the post below this because of a certain theory I have, a theory that goes: “It’s hard to look good while eating a bagel and cream cheese.”

Nothing grosses me out more than globs of cream cheese on someone’s lips while they snap and tear at a chewy overstuffed bagel. I know I’d hate to watch ME eat a bagel and cream cheese, which is why I mostly eat bagels and cream cheese on my own.

Which leads to a question for you, readers: which foods do you hate to watch other people eat? Have you ever been on a date and gotten totally turned off by watching your date consume something unattractive? Let it all out in the comments.

Amateur Gourmet 2008 Reader Survey

Fans, Friends, Foes— it’s 2008 and on Monday we’ll be celebrating this site’s 4th anniversary. I thought I’d take a moment to probe you (not in the bad way) on who you are, what you like about the site and what you’d like to see me do in the future. At your convenience, please answer the following in the comments. If your comment doesn’t show up, it probably means it was junked and I will unjunk it later. Movable Type can be touchy.





How You Discovered The Site:

How Long You’ve Been Reading:

Favorite Post:

I Wish You’d Do More:

I Wish You’d Attempt To Cook:

I Wish You’d Review:

You Should Have A Banner with Flying ___:

Anything Else?:


What’s your favorite cold weather food?

Tonight I made my standard tomato sauce (see book, Chapter One) except with some tweaks: I skipped the carrot, skipped the thyme. And since it’s getting cold out, I started out with bacon and made a kind of Amatriciana. Bacon in tomato sauce is the kind of thing you can only really enjoy as the weather gets cooler and so it’s time to ask you, lovely readers: what’s your favorite cold weather food? My list also includes: chili, hot apple cider, hot chocolate, any kind of stew (particularly with lamb), soup (of course), and/or anything braised.

Which food magazine has the best Thanksgiving issue?

I just received Gourmet’s Thanksgiving issue in the mail and taken alongside Bon Appetit’s (which I read in the store) plus Food & Wine’s and Saveur’s, there’s an abundance of ideas for what to make this Thanksgiving. Thus I turn to you, readers: which food magazine do you like the most for Thanksgiving? Which magazine’s proved trustworthy in the past, which has let you down?

Your Drink


So I was watching “Groundhog Day” for a bit on TV last night and there’s that scene where Bill Murray is trying to seduce Andie MacDowell in a bar. He memorizes facts about her so that when the day happens again, he can win her heart. One of these facts happens to be what drink she likes: sweet vermouth on the rocks. When he orders that for himself the second time around, she says, “That’s my favorite drink.”

My regular drink isn’t so singular: it’s a Tanqueray and Tonic. I stole the drink from my dad and now it’s what I order when I go out. Would I be seduced if Bill Murray crept up next to me and ordered a Tanqueray and Tonic? Probably not. I’d be more impressed if he sang a song from Pippin.

This begs the question, though, reader: what’s YOUR drink? How did it become your drink? How important is your drink to you? The Bill Murrays of the world want to know.

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