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Where To Eat in Barcelona?

[UPDATE: Hey, if you came here on a search looking for where to eat in Barcelona, click the following for all of my Barcelona tips: Barcelona’s Best Bites.]

Eager readers, the time has come. A.G. Loyalists will remember my post from December where I announced, rather deliriously, that I’d just scored a reservation at El Bulli. And now, one week from this Saturday, Craig and I are heading across the ocean to spend ten days in Barcelona (with one night in Roses for our epic El Bulli dinner). To say I’m excited would be a profound understatement; I’m going crazy with excitement. I’ve been flipping through guidebooks and watching movies from the Pedro Almodovar Boxed Set, practicing my Spanish and singing “I, Don Quixote” from “Man of La Mancha” in the shower.

But now I need your help. My readers have always been the best resource for where to eat and what to do when I travel. Some of the best meals I’ve had while traveling (in Paris, in Austin, in Seattle) have been from your suggestions. This time should be no exception: so please help me below! In the comments, let me know where I should eat–cheaper places are better, but a few splurgy places might be ok too–when we go to Barcelona in just two weeks. Also welcome: tips for what to do and what to see and worthwhile day trips, especially ones involving food. Ok, everyone, thanks for your help. Expect massive Barcelona posts to repay you upon my return.

Where To Eat in Austin, Texas?

You readers are the best at suggesting places to eat in cities I don’t know. Baltimore, Paris, and San Francisco: you’ve kept me very well fed. Now, tomorrow, I leave for Austin, Texas to attend Craig’s movie premiere at SXSW. I’m pretty sure most of my time will be spent doing movie stuff–attending screenings and panels and papering the town–but a person has to eat, don’t they? Craig’s family’s scheduled a trip to The Salt Lick BBQ (I’m really psyched for that) but, otherwise, I’m in your hands. So tell me A.G. readers: where do I eat in Austin, Texas?

Maine Help

1. Does anyone have the recent Gourmet Magazine with Jane & Michael Stern’s road trip tips for Maine? If you do, can you put the places they mention in that article in the comments here? Thanks!

2. If anyone has any tips for where to eat in Maine (in particular, near Kennebunkport) let me know!

Summer Food

Today I had sushi for lunch and it was the best possible thing I could imagine eating on such a hot day. What’s your favorite meal to have when it’s hot out? (Note: ice cream doesn’t count.)

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