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Reader Mail: How To Entertain?

Here’s a question from a reader that I thought might be best answered on the blog. (Note: I edited the letter for brevity’s sake.)

Dear Adam,

I’ve been reading your blog now for six or seven years, though I’ve never commented. I really enjoy your humor and down to earth advice about cooking. I started reading your blog when I was in grad school and loved it as an escape from reading research articles.

One thing I’ve always loved about your blog is when you write about entertaining your friends at your home. You seem like such a natural, warm and welcoming host. Your dinner parties look like the kind I always hope to be invited to or put on myself. Plus, the food always looks delicious.

Where To Eat in New York

At least once a month, I get the same e-mail. It’s an e-mail I like getting because it addresses one of my favorite subjects yet, often, the e-mail sits in my inbox for a few weeks before I can answer it. Then, when I do answer it, I shoot out a scrambled, sputtery response that may or may not be very useful.

The question usually goes something like this: “Hey Adam, I’m coming to New York for a few days: where should I eat?” There’s usually something else thrown in—“I’m on a budget,” “I’m a vegetarian,” “I don’t like food that begins with the letter ‘p’”—but, for the most part, it’s the same question. And since that very question sits in my inbox right now from a reader named Angeline I thought I’d answer it here on the blog once and for all; so, without too much fanfare, here it is—The Amateur Gourmet’s Guide to Where To Eat in New York—broken up into various useful categories.

Reader Mail: Knives, Books, Spotted Pig Prices, Food Allergies, and A Visit From San Francisco

We’ve got lots of questions from readers this week, so let’s get started.

The first is a series of five questions from Vickie.

Hi Adam! AG is a real inspiration for me–I’ve tried a number of your recommended recipes. I have some questions for you, and I hope to hear back from you about them!

Reader Query: Martha’s Vineyard Eats?

Knowledgeable readers, we have a question from reader Brandy H. that I cannot answer. Please help her in the comments!

We are going to Martha’s Vineyard in August (from Los Angeles), where we have rented a house so that I can cook. I am wondering if you have any culinary knowledge of the island? Do the island summer markets feature a unique local specialty? Is the island known for having a particularly heavy crop of strawberries, squash or tomatoes? Is there perhaps an island spin on the ubiquitous lobster roll, clam bake or crab boil? Also, what are the restaurants that should not be missed? In short, I am wondering what should be on the Amateur Gourmet’s dining itinerary for both cooking in, and eating out (fine and casual) on Martha’s Vineyard?

Reader Mail, Letter #8472 (Cheap Eats New York)

Occasionally, I answer reader mail on the blog. Today I received the following message:

Dear Adam,

My friend and I are from D.C. and are heading off for college in the fall. We’re both avid readers of your site and really into food/cooking. We’re coming up to NYC for 2 days at the beginning of August and we’d like to know what places are MUST go-tos (preferably) that are cheap, as we’re poor college kids); we want to hit all the classics for pizza, bagels, etc. What are your suggestions?


D & M

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