It’s impossible to write about Williamsburg without using the word “hipster.” I’ll do my best.

On Saturday, I joined my friends Patty and Lauren and their gorgeous new baby Audra for a trip to the land of the bespeckled and heavily tattooed to consume hand-crafted foods along the water. This event, known as Smorgasburg, was something that just started as I left for L.A. last year. It’s got a lot to recommend it: fall weather, beautiful views, and some of the best food you can eat outside of a restaurant in New York.

Yorkshire Curd Tart

[Hey, this is Adam The Amateur Gourmet. I’m on vacation in Barcelona, Spain and while I’m gone I’ve asked some awesome people to fill in for me. Today is British Guest Poster Day! Our first guest poster is a very sweet lad and reader of this blog, Edd Kimber, who I met for lunch at Prune a month or two ago. Now he’s got a fancy blog of his own called He-Eats and his photography is pretty exquisite. Take it away, Edd!]

When Adam asked me if I would like to do a guest post I jumped at the chance. About an hour after I said yes though, I began to panic wondering, “what on earth am I going to write about”. My site is mainly recipes, mostly baking, so I knew I should probably stick to that. I also thought that as a guy from England I should probably bake something that represented where I’m from, and show a regional specialty.

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