Pulp, There It Is


Does anyone else think it’s strange when you buy orange juice now you’re given a choice between lots of pulp, some pulp and no pulp?

Normally I’m an orange juice snob, coming from Florida as I do, and in Florida when you get fresh-squeezed orange juice you just know it has pulp. Oranges have pulp and therefore the juice has pulp.

But when you buy a factory packaged O.J. like Tropicana, as I do now and again when I’m sick or when I’m getting a bagel, I’m flummoxed with pulp choices. Do I want some pulp or lots of pulp? I certainly don’t want no pulp though I know there are people who hate pulp and I’m sure I’ll hear from them in the comments.

I just want the proper amount of pulp for the amount of orange juice I’m about to drink. How much pulp came out when you squeezed those oranges, Tropicana? Lots or some? Well put that amount in the container and I’ll drink it. You know since it’s 100% pure and natural I figure the amount of pulp should be pure and natural too.

What’s next, choose the tint of the orange juice color? The viscosity, the acidity? I’ll take what comes out of the orange and leave those choices to Mother Nature not Mother Industry, thank you.