nibbles 5.23.08

* Iron Chef Michael Symon celebrates the reversal of Chicago’s ban on foie gras. “It always boggles my mind how quickly people bash foie gras but in the meantime have no problem with mass produced chicken, pork etc….let me assure that these ducks live a much better life than the “yellow chikens” that seem to be at every grocery store.”

* Pim visits Pink’s in L.A.. “Waiting half an hour for a hot dog was certainly a new experience for me.” (Long ago and far away when I lived in L.A. for a summer I visited Pink’s with a friend and enjoyed it. Though the celebrated “snap” of the dog, which Pulitzer Prize winning food writer Jonathan Gold made note of in his indispensable L.A. eating book “Counter Intelligence,” didn’t quite please me the way a soft, New York city street dog does. Maybe because the city dog is the dog I grew up with.)

* Davivd Lebovitz eats at Jules Verne in the Eiffel Tower. Strangely enough, I’ve been there too: my parents took my brother and I to London and Paris when we were too young to appreciate it, though I remember getting dressed up and riding the elevator up into the belly of the Eiffel Tower for dinner. When we asked for our table, the maitre’d kindly informed us that there’d be a small wait because “the American actress Sally Field hasn’t gotten up yet.” When she got up, we asked for her picture and she said no.

nibbles 5.20.08

* The Leite’s Culinaria blog has a nice post on Pimiento Cheese, complete with recipe. Remember: this is the cheese Craig and I ate at Watershed in Atlanta. It’d definitely be worth making at home.

* The new is looking pretty nifty. Congrats to them on the new site.

* Also, congrats to Serious Eats on the new Serious Eats: New York. Today’s interview with David Chang has provided three new dishes to try at Grand Sichuan.

* And speaking of David Chang, can you believe it: I HAD a table for four on Sunday night at Ko. You know: Ko’s the place that’s impossible to get into that only takes online reservations. Well I was futzing around Sunday afternoon, playing the Ko Reservation game where I log on and see the page of Xs indicating there’s no way in Hell I’ll ever get a reservation, and lo and behold there was one for 9:15 THAT NIGHT. I clicked it and it said I had 60 seconds to say yes but I didn’t say yes because Craig’s parents were here and we had plans to go to Franny’s. So, the lesson is: Ko reservations are possible, just keep clicking.

* And just in case you want MORE David Chang, here’s a video of Bill Buford’s interview with Chang, Daniel Humm, and Marc Taxiera at the 2008 New Yorker conference.

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