Get Away to Kennebunkport

The perfect weekend getaway is one that makes you feel like you’ve been gone for months. That’s how I felt this Sunday night when I came back from a brief trip to Kennebunkport with my friends Patty, Diana and James. We’d only been there 36 hours–we left early Saturday morning (7 am) and returned late Sunday night–and yet I may as well have gone for a jaunt through Europe. It was a fantastic one night trip and if you click ahead, I’ll tell you how we planned it, where we ate, and how you can do the same.

[Note: all pictures in this post are by James Felder, of Snapshot Artifact]

Maine Help

1. Does anyone have the recent Gourmet Magazine with Jane & Michael Stern’s road trip tips for Maine? If you do, can you put the places they mention in that article in the comments here? Thanks!

2. If anyone has any tips for where to eat in Maine (in particular, near Kennebunkport) let me know!

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