Friday Food Links (4/12/13)

I took that picture last week from my car window while driving through Atwater Village and though Instagram amped up the color just a tiny bit, I’m still really proud of it. All of that pink from the tree and the blue from the house? Maybe I should retire and become a professional Instagrammer of people’s houses and trees.

In the meantime, I’ve blogged up a storm all week and don’t feel the worse for wear. Maybe that’s because all of these posts were really fun to write. And not only have I been blogging up a storm, I’ve also been bookmarking up a storm in anticipation of this Friday round-up. So buckle your seat belts, I’ve got lots of links and videos to share with you.

Friday Food Links (4/5/13)


This week was a fun one for me. As you probably noticed, I amped up the blogging to try to get back into the original spirit I had at the start (back in 2004) where posts didn’t have to be precious and perfectly-crafted. So some of this week’s most successful posts (in terms of comments) weren’t posts I would’ve normally done, like the one about feeding your pets at the table or improvising a smoothie. Now I’m going to do something I don’t do enough: a round-up of my favorite food links from the week. Before we get to that, I should explain the cheesecake above. That was from an Easter Brunch I attended on, well, Easter and the woman who made it said the secret was using two extra packets of cream cheese. So there ya go! Now on to the links.

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