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Clear your cache and reload the site, if you dare. You’ll never look at Peeps the same way again!

Thanks to Lindy, Leah and Justin for their work bringing another awesome banner to life.

The A.G. Team


You can all breath a collective sigh of relief: this, I’m pleased to announce, is the very last post of my 5th Year Anniversary Week. Ok, maybe I went a little too far profiling anyone whose visage ever graced these pages, but, I must confess, it was quite a kick taking such a long stroll down this blog’s memory lane. Our final gesture is to give some credit where credit is due–that is to credit The A.G. Team, the people who keep this blog running.

Starting on the top left you’ll see Leah McCombe who gave this blog its beautiful, useful, whimsical and memorable design; next, on the upper right, is Ben Lim who is my savior and saint–he responds to all my pesky IMs when the blog goes down (which it’s been doing quite a lot lately)–and, more importantly, he’s the one who programmed all of Leah’s design and brought this blog to life; beneath Ben is the irreplaceable Lindy Groening who illustrates our awesome, hilariously kooky banners each month (she really is amazing: if I dream it, she can do it!), and–finally–next to her is Justin Dickinson who started here as an intern and graduated to our design team where he seamlessly uploads Lindy’s banners as soon as she’s done with them.

I’m really proud to call these guys my A.G. Team and I’m so, so, so grateful for their generous, thankless work. (Well, I hope it’s not entirely thankless.) I decided to ask them all a few questions which they’ve answered for you below. Let’s hear what The A.G. Team has to say.

My First Pho

Leah, who designed my website, couldn’t believe it when I told her, back when I met her, that I’d never had pho (pronounced: F-uh). “Oh my God,” she said. “When it’s cold, I totally have to take you out for pho.”

News flash: it’s cold. And Leah, ever the persistent pho-pusher, reminded me over e-mail not long ago about my pho promise. “The time has come for pho,” she wrote (or didn’t really write, but I like the way it sounds) and the pho gods smiled upon me as I wrote her back: “Yes. Yes it is.”

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