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Julie & Julia

“Julie & Julia” is a movie about connections. There are the connections between Julia Child and her husband Paul, her collaborator Simone Beck, her sister Dorothy, and her pen pal Avis; the connections between Julie Powell and her husband Eric, her best friend Sarah, and the one that forms between her and her ever-growing audience. But it’s the connection between Julie and Julia–two very different women who never met in real life–that forms the heart of this movie, a movie that’s been covered to death, but a movie to which I, myself, felt a profound connection.

Live with Julie Powell

You ever play that game where you try to figure out who would play you in the movie version of your life? (I still haven’t figured out who would play me: any ideas?) Well Julie Powell, author of “The Julie/Julia Project,” has a real-life answer to the question in the form of Amy Adams who plays Julie in the upcoming “Julie/Julia” movie which opens August 7th. We’re very lucky to have the real Julie live with us today from 12 to 12:30 PM. So call 347-326-9874 with your questions, or submit them in the comments, and listen to her answers below. No actors will be playing us during this interview.

UPDATE: The interview’s over but you can listen to the archive below. We talk about blogging, meat and my prediction that Julie will be on Oprah faster than you can say “bon appetit.”

Julie/Julia Trailer

The “Julie and Julia” trailer is now online and I have to say I just watched it with relief: sure, it looks really slick and Hollywood, but how nice that there’s going to be a movie that’ll turn a whole new audience on to Julia Child, “Mastering The Art of French Cooking,” and finer food in general.

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