Movies That Induce Specific Food Cravings


I just saw Woody Allen’s newest movie, “Vicky Christina Barcelona”, and it induced three reactions: (1) Could this be? A new Woody Allen movie that I genuinely love and can imagine seeing again and again because I love it so much; (2) Please, God, put me on a plane to Barcelona ASAP; and (3) I need a glass of Spanish wine. right. now.

Seriously. I came home and begged Craig to go with me across the street to the wine bar so I could have a glass of Spanish wine but he said “no” and fell asleep on the couch. Have you ever had a movie induce a specific food craving? Is a wine craving a food craving? I don’t know, but if you live in Park Slope and want a glass of Spanish wine throw rocks at my window and I’ll meet you across the street. Oh no, I think the wine bar’s closed.

May my dreams be filled with tapas, Javier Bardem, and Spanish wine. Lots and lots of it.