My Favorite Cooking App

Cooking Apps are all the rage these days. If you don’t own an iPhone or a computer (how are you reading this??!) you’re probably wondering: “What’s a cooking app?” Basically, it’s an application that you can download that aids you in your cooking. So there’s Michael Ruhlman’s wonderful Ratio app which calculates precisely how much butter and sugar you need if you have X amount of flour in order to make a batch of cookies. That’s really cool. And then there’s Mark Bittman’s “How To Cook Everything” app which Matt Armendariz writes about here. There’s also one from Epicurious, one from Martha Stewart and more and more cooking apps on the way now that the iPad’s here. But which one do I use most often in my kitchen? The answer may surprise you.

Szechuan Gourmet

If I had my druthers, Sally Struthers, I’d take my iPhone and throw it into a lake. It’s ruining my life.

I hate being so connected, I hate that my pocket vibrates any time someone comments on my facebook status; I hate that I update my facebook status while standing in line at the post office to say, “Standing in line at the post office.” Why do I need to do that? Why am I wasting so many brain cells? Die, iPhone, die! I’m buying a rotary phone and carrying that around.

Only: as a foodie (I know, I know, you hate that word) the iPhone is a bit of a godsend. Case in point: you go to the MoMA on a Friday night for free admission Fridays (did you know about that?), and upon leaving with Diana and Craig you don’t know where to go to dinner. You rack your brain and then you remember Frank Bruni reviewed a Chinese place in midtown recently. What was that place? Where is it? Enter iPhone.

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