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Waiter! There’s a Nipple in My Soup! (A Review of Robert’s Restaurant at Scores Gentleman’s Club by Cole Escola)

[When the P.R. e-mail came offering me a free dinner at Robert’s Restaurant at Scores Gentleman’s Club, my first thought was: “Ew, boobies!” And my second thought was, “I can’t take a free meal and write a solicited review, I’m an ethical food blogger.” I was about to click “delete” when I realized that it might be pretty hilarious to send my gay comedian friend Cole Escola to do the dirty deed for me. And Cole, as you’ll see below, happily obliged. This is the story of his dinner at a steakhouse in a strip club.]

When it comes to my tastes, I’m an American through and through. I like deep-fried twinkies, chocolate with peanut butter, and bacon on everything. This patriotic love of decadent combinations is exactly what made me say “yes” when Adam asked if I’d like to review Robert’s Restaurant inside of Scores Gentlemen’s Club. Even though I’m gay (and I mean gay) I couldn’t resist the temptation of gourmet steak paired with topless women. Like I said, I’m an American.

Away We Go

This is it, the big tearful goodbye. Now don’t be too sad, faithful readers. As I leave you for ten days to savor the splendors of Barcelona, Spain (including the most built-up meal of my life, dinner at El Bulli!) I leave you in incredible, incredible hands. Seriously, for the next two weeks, you will be entertained by such a roster of distinguished guest posters, you won’t hardly believe it. I’ve read all of their guest posts several times, and they’re all stunning–hilarious, informative, endlessly amusing–so stunning, that when I come back you’re gonna say, “Aw, we prefer the guest posters.” Don’t worry, I feel the same way. But as a final gesture of good will, I’d like you to look up. Hey, look at that awesome new banner Lindy designed in honor of my trip to Spain! It’s a little early, but we thought you deserved it. A huge thanks to Lindy for her awesome work and Justin for putting that banner in place; also, a big big THANKS to Ben Lim, who’ll be managing the blog when I’m gone. (If you encounter any technical problems, shoot him an e-mail.) Ok readers, I have all of your suggestions printed out in a binder, and I’m ready to have the trip of a lifetime. See you when I get back! Adios, Adam.

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