Freedom From Spending Fries (I Still Call Them French Fries)

[Hey, this is Adam The Amateur Gourmet. I’m on vacation in Barcelona, Spain and while I’m gone I’ve asked some awesome people to fill in for me. Today we’ve got my funky friend Emily Farris, who I met when I judged her casserole contest in the days of yore. Emily is the author of “Casserole Crazy: Hot Stuff for Your Oven“, she edits’s pop culture blog Scanner and contributes to AOL’s food blog, Slashfood. Her newest project is Eating Well on $50 a Week, in which she and two other writers try to do just that: eat well while spending only $50 a week. Take it away, Emily!]

Like most Americans, the economic climate is inspiring me pinch pennies and even (gasp!) put away some money. While more responsible parties may have been doing this for years, this is all very new to me. And though I was never good at keeping track of what I spent, when I was forced to take a step back and look at where the majority of my money was going, it was safe to say: food. As of just a few months ago, I would mindlessly and happily throw expensive granola, perfectly aged cheese and ten different kinds of greens into my grocery cart without thinking twice about how much any of it cost. And those groceries would sit in my kitchen while I went out and spent $40, $50 or even $60 on dinner with friends. In many cases, I was literally throwing away money. So when a friend in Brooklyn mentioned he was going to start limiting his food expenditures to $50 a week and planned to write a blog about it, I immediately jumped on board.