five year anniversary


Here’s a quickie: in the past five years, I’ve written 2,375 entries and received 36,059 comments. Granted, many of those comments were from Spambots offering to enhance my genitals, but–still–it’s quite a statistic.

The Best of Lisa

Where would this blog be without my friend Lisa? She was the Gracie Allen to my George Burns, the Betty Comden to my Adolph Green. In our early days, we cooked together, we ate together, and we made crazy videos and songs about food that I posted enthusiastically on the blog. We’re still good friends but now she lives oh-so-far-away on the Upper West Side and here I am in Brooklyn; and while distance does indeed make the heart grow fonder, it makes it difficult–especially in the winter months–to get together to make even more zany food videos and songs. Lucky for us, though, my archives are practically bursting with classic A.G.-Lisa collaborations. Before we dig ’em up, let’s talk to Lisa for a bit about her history with The Amateur Gourmet.

5th Anniversary Week

It’s a dangerous thing to devote an entire week to celebrating the 5th anniversary of your blog; that’s like shutting down the post office to celebrate the 500th anniversary of mail. Only I’m not the post office and blogging isn’t mail and, you know, after five years I think I deserve a week of celebration, don’t you?

Welcome to the 5th Year Anniversary Week of The Amateur Gourmet. I want this week to be an opportunity to look back at my favorite posts, my favorite people, my favorite recipes, restaurants and experiences to share with those of you who are either long-time fans of the blog (aka: loyal readers) or new people who just stumbled along and don’t know me from Adam, even though my name is Adam. Madam I’m Adam. That’s a palindrome.

So sit back, relax, and if you have a favorite A.G. memory or post, share it in the comments or shoot it along to my e-mail at And now, without further ado, let’s start celebrating.

Five Years (Next Week)


One week from today, this blog will turn five years old. Five years old! That’s half a decade. Was it really five years ago that I wrote my first post? That I typed the words “amateur” and “gourmet” haphazardly into the title box of my blogging software? Was it really five years ago that I took my first picture of something I cooked: specifically, Martha Stewart’s Pecan Chocolate Chunk White Chocolate Chip Cookies?

Well let’s not wax sentimental quite yet. Instead, clear your caches and load up the site again: check out the beautiful birthday cake banner Lindy created in honor of the occasion. Thanks to her and of course to Leah and Justin for getting it up and running. I always thought I’d look better traced in icing and now that I am, I have to say I look good enough to eat. But hold your forks!

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