Broken Wine Glass Splatter Art

Doing dishes tonight, I inadvertently did that slapstick comedy trick of pulling the tablecloth out from under a bunch of dishes only to send all the dishes crashing to the floor. Only it wasn’t a tablecloth and it wasn’t a bunch of dishes: it was a dish towel and a half full wine glass. And it didn’t crash to the floor, it tipped and shattered on the table resulting in the image you see above.

But it’s a pretty image, isn’t it? Maybe even a work of art? If it is, I did it on purpose. I’m the Annie Leibovitz of broken wine glass photography.

P.S. That’s a box of Clementines you see on the lower left; I bought them today seeking a fruit fix in the late afternoon. They cost $6 for 8,000 Clementines (ok, not 8000–maybe 30? 20?) and they are so much fun to peel and eat. I’m going to go peel and eat one RIGHT NOW.