My Olympic Peninsula Adventure

Please unfurl your map of the United States. Now place your finger in the center and drag it to the most northwestern corner of the continental U.S. If you are doing this correctly, your finger is in Washington State. And your finger should be very happy because up there on the northwestern most corner it is in one of the most beautiful locations a finger can experience in the natural world: the Olympic Peninsula, the crown jewel of Washington state. This is where I just returned from after two days of roughing it: and through the magic of my digital camera, iPhoto, Flickr and Typepad, I can now take you there with me. Your finger can come too.

Campfire Cooking


The tents are in the car, the sleeping bags are rolled and ready, and tomorrow we leave bright and early to go camping on the beach. Last night I asked Craig if we could build a campfire and he said “Sure” and I said, “Maybe I can cook on it?” And he said, “Nothing too elaborate.” That’s where you come in, readers: besides hot dogs and s’mores, what are some easy things we can cook on a campfire? The cheaper and easier the better. Maybe I’ll live-blog it as I cook–the wilderness has wireless, doesn’t it?

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