Bouchon Bakery

Scenes from a Book Tour

Remember that time I told that joke about how I was going to blog my book tour as it happened? That was a hilarious joke! Because, as you might imagine, things got a little crazy after I wrote that. It became impossible to blog my tour as it happened and now, a few days after my Googleplex post, I’m feeling guilty about ever making that promise.

So let’s rewind. After the Eataly dinner, but before flying to San Francisco, I hosted a panel discussion in Brooklyn at the Greenlight Book Store with Amanda Hesser and Jonathan Waxman (seen above in a picture by Lizzie).

A Picnic in the Park

There are random acts of kindness and then there are random acts of picnics. Or random picnics of kindness. I need to work on the name, but here’s how it works: you have a friend or loved one who works in midtown Manhattan. You offer to meet them for lunch. When they say, “where?” you say: “Let’s meet in Central Park, I’ll bring the food.”

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