Bone Marrow at Blue Ribbon

When people ask me, “How do you come up with stuff for your blog all the time?” I have a ready-made answer: “Camera.”


“Yes,” I say. “I try to carry a camera everywhere I go” (sometimes at my own peril) “and then if I eat something notable or I stumble into somewhere notable I can take pictures and write about it later.”

Such was the case last night when I went with Diana to Blue Ribbon in the West Village. I’d been there before, I wrote about it way back when and it seemed like this would be an unbloggable experience. But then I recalled the passage in Phoebe Damrosch’s “Service Included” where she and her Per Se co-workers seek out the best bone marrow in New York and find it at Blue Ribbon.

“Diana!” I yelled, after sitting at our table. “We have to get the bone marrow.”

“Bone marrow?”

“Yes,” I continued. “It’ll make a great post and plus I hear it’s fantastic.”

“Ok,” she said. “As long as you’re paying.”


They say charity begins at home. They also say that “no good deed goes unpunished.” But I have a new aphorism that I hope some day catches on: “Donating your clothes to the Salvation Army leads to goat curry.”

After a week of cleaning out the closet, making room for Craig, we had four giant garbage bags of clothes we didn’t want anymore. Instead of throwing them out, I volunteered to bring them to the Salvation Army which, in Park Slope, is on Atlantic Avenue, west of where we live.

I’d only ever been to the Post Office on Atlantic Avenue and so, in my journey to Salvation Army headquarters, I discovered a whole new world of eating I never knew existed. In particular, a placed called “Stir It Up: West Indian Cuisine.” After dropping off the bags to grateful Salvation Army workers, I decided to pop into “Stir It Up” for lunch (especially after reading a nice review of it from The New York Times taped to the window.)

Of all the items on the menu, two jumped out as dishes I should try because I’d never had either before: (1) ginger beer; and (2) goat curry. The ginger beer was dynamite: literally, my mouth lit up with the heat that comes from chopped, uncooked ginger. I really liked it.

The goat curry was pretty great too and what made it great is the subject of today’s post (it took me a while to get there): bones.

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