Reunions require cupcakes.

Lauren Gunderson, an old friend from college, is now a supersonic playwright on the rise. She’s about to start her second year of the grad playwriting program I went to at NYU, but we haven’t seen each other since our Atlanta days. If it weren’t for Facebook friend finder, who knows where we’d be? (By the way, are you an Amateu Gourmet facebook group member? You should be!) We caught up at my beloved Joe The Art of Coffee on Waverly. After chitting and chatting for a good hour I said: “Do you want a cupcake?”

“Yes!” she replied. “I was just about to say I wanted something sweet.”

“There’s a new bakery around the corner,” I suggested. “We can go and I can blog about it.”

“Perfect,” she said and off we went to Batch.