May Flours

Clear your cache (or bypass your cache), reload the site and behold our May banner: a springy play on words suggested by Twitter follower @amosbkln. Thanks to Amos, to Lindy for her beautiful illustration, Leah for all the colors and Justin for putting it up. Good job, team!

The Peeps

Clear your cache and reload the site, if you dare. You’ll never look at Peeps the same way again!

Thanks to Lindy, Leah and Justin for their work bringing another awesome banner to life.

Banner: March 2009

For those reading me in a reader, or those who still see Cupid: clear your cache and load up the site and behold our brilliant March banner. How did this theme come about? Well, polling my readers on Twitter, I received an e-mail from Craig’s sister Kristin which read…

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Candy Heart Banner

A round of applause, please, to my followers on Twitter who wrote most of the text for the candy hearts in this month’s banner–brilliantly illustrated, as usual, by Lindy. (Can’t see the banner? Clear your cache and re-load the site.) A special shout-out to my friend Katy who contributed THOUSANDS of ideas and to Amanda Hesser who came up with “You Had Me At Jello.” Make sure to subscribe to my Twitter feed (just go to and maybe you’ll see your ideas in next month’s banner.

And special thanks, as usual, to Leah & Justin for doing all the dirty technical work to make this banner possible. The A.G. Team is the best.

A Lively Holiday Banner

This month’s banner is a first: it’s animated!

That’s right, when you load it up (clear your cache first) you’ll see flashing lights (as well as Christmas and Hanukkah cookies and Santa wearing a chef’s hat.)

Kudos to Lindy (the illustrator) for another stellar performance; and to Leah & Justin for bringing it to life. Happy December, everyone.

Turkey Kong

Fans of Lindy’s banners are really going to dig this month’s riff on Thanksgiving. Click on over from your Reader; if you still see trick-or-treating candidates, clear your cache and load it up again. Thanks, again, to my awesome team of banner makers: Lindy, Leah, Justin & Ben. You guys are the best; gobble, gobble.

October’s Banner & All About Lindy

Ok, look up. If you see crabs, go to your browser preferences and clear your cache. Now do you see what I see? Isn’t it funny? This is my favorite banner yet: it combines the election AND Halloween and has the scariest face in the moon I can imagine. And it’s all from the pen of our master illustrator, Lindy Groening, who’s been our illustrator for the past few months. I was so enamored of Lindy’s banner this month that I told her the readers would probably want to know more about her and so here’s a little questionnaire I devised for Lindy; I think you’ll agree we’re very lucky to have her on our team! And thanks, of course, to Leah and Justin for bringing Lindy’s banner to life. Now let’s spend some time with Lindy…


Name: Lindy (Malinda) Groening. Yes, I’m related to the famous Matt Groening, creator of the Simpsons. He is my second cousin on my Dad’s side. Sadly no, I can’t get anyone an autograph! :)

Age: 28

Location: currently in Alameda, California. I’m originally an east coaster and still identify with that coast a bit more.

Occupation: Graphic Designer

How You Got Into Illustrating: I’ve always drawn, and decided to go into illustration to be able to do what I love and be gainfully (and ideally somewhat profitably) employed.

How You Found My Blog: I think through David Lebovitz? I was hooked because you reminded me about food experiences I enjoyed when I (briefly) lived in New York, particularly your recent 12 hours post… My favorite thing to eat in New York was a bagel off a cart in midtown Manhattan that was the perfect balance of crisp crust and chewy inside, with butter of course.

Favorite Thing To Cook: Chocolate Chip cookies. Does baking count as cooking? If we’re being strict, I enjoy cooking chickens, the whole bird stuffed.

Favorite Thing To Eat: A good Hoagie. Followed by a large dark Chocolate bar.

Food You Like To Draw The Best: I haven’t had the opportunity to draw all foods, but I enjoy drawing veggies, particularly interesting ones like artichokes.

What Materials You Work With: All sorts, but I usually keep it simple and just start with pencil sketches and go from there…

Anything Else About You Worth Sharing: I think that’s about it… You can check out my site There are even some comics about food here.

Thanks, Lindy, for the interview and, more importantly, for the awesomest banner ever!

Cereal Banner

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a new banner in town. Clear your cache and enjoy some cereal (inspired by my Honeycomb post). Once again, Malinda The New Illustrator you rock, as do you Leah the Designer and Justin the Web Guy. Thanks for all your work.