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My Imaginary iTunes Celebrity Playlist

November 12, 2010 | By Adam Roberts | 268 Comments

I know we’re talking ancient history here, but I very much remember the birth of iTunes (before that I used something called Winamp!) and, eventually, the launch of the iTunes Music Store (now in the press because of the big Beatles announcement). One of my favorite features of the iTunes Music Store (and it’s been a favorite from the beginning) is the Celebrity Playlist. Not so much because of the movie stars who participate (I don’t really care to hear favorite songs from the cast of The Vampire Diaries, though Sarah Silverman’s is pretty awesome) but because of the singer/songwriters who share their influences and favorite tracks. From the likes of Aimee Mann, Lucinda Williams, Elvis Costello, David Bowie, and Ben Folds I’ve discovered so much great music that, at this point, it’d be difficult to know how much of my musical taste has been shaped by iTunes Celebrity Playlists.
I also happen to harbor a fantasy (a rather delusional one, admittedly) that one day I might be asked to create an iTunes Celebrity Playlist. (Hey, Ted Allen has one!) Until that day comes, though (and I’m not counting any chickens) I figured it might be fun to use my “Not Food” blog to post a rough sketch of what my iTunes Celebrity Playlist might look like. So here it is with the songs embedded from various sources online, so you can hear them right away. (And I’m pretty confident that if you like them, you can find them on iTunes yourself.)

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