Workout Journal, 1/13/12: The Case of the Missing Trainer

January 13, 2012 | By | COMMENTS

There’s a theory circling among my friends that the reason I stopped writing my workout journal is that I stopped working out. Not true! In fact, since November 1st, with two major exceptions (my trip to Florida for Thanksgiving and my trip to Bellingham for Christmas), I’ve been working out five days a week, never missing a single day.

Why did I stop journaling? At the beginning, it was all so new and novel that I had a lot to say after each and every workout. But as time marched on, I didn’t have as much to say. I started journaling about The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Or Orange County (it’s hard to tell them apart). The workout journal lost its mojo but I was still going to the gym; so I stopped writing it. But I never stopped going.

Except this week I experienced a major setback, which is why I’m workout journaling now.

As mentioned earlier in my workout journal, having a trainer has made all the difference for me. In the past, I’d join a gym, noodle around on machines, and quit a few weeks later. Here in L.A., I coughed up the money to see a trainer for half an hour every two weeks. My trainer, Danny, was super helpful: he assured me that despite my fatty, foodie diet, I could still expect to see changes if I worked out consistently, pushing myself more and more each time.

And that’s precisely what happened: I have seen changes. I feel and look better than I ever have before. And when I lose motivation, or I start to fantasize about going to a bakery instead of going to a workout, I know that I’ll have to check in with Danny at the end of every two week period. It’s been great for me.

Only, after the holidays, I e-mailed Danny to ask a question about our previous session: I didn’t remember what machines we’d used and normally he’d send me a capsule summary so I could repeat a new circuit. Only he didn’t write back. And when I wrote him to confirm our appointment for that Friday at 3 PM, he didn’t write back either.

And then he didn’t show up on Friday. I got worried! I thought something might’ve happened to him or his family; some kind of crisis. I worked out without him but I felt strangely abandoned.

Then on Monday I went into the gym and asked one of the managers there about Danny. They referred me to this guy Beau who handles all the trainers; he told me Danny was no longer at Crunch, he couldn’t get into the reasons why, and that he’d pair me off with another trainer. I’m meeting that other trainer today at 3:30.

But what happened to Danny!? Danny and I totally connected; Danny laid out this whole plan for me which I’ve been following religiously since November. Danny was watching my progress, he told me my shoulders were looking bigger, he weighed me every so often and told me to up my treadmill circuit to 8.5. Danny complimented my new sneakers, we talked about Judaism and holidays and cooking and L.A. restaurants. And then he just vanished.

So this week was a hard one for me. Without Danny, I felt like this trajectory I’d been on was instantly, irrevocably interrupted. How will this new trainer know how far I’ve come? What my particular issues are? What circuits Danny already taught me? What if he doesn’t want to talk about Judaism or L.A. restaurants? What if he ignores my specific goals (just to get into shape) and tries to beef me up like a WWF wrestler?

I’m sure I’m worrying over nothing but on Tuesday and Wednesday, I really did come close to not going. But I made myself go and I was glad that I did. I did the circuits that Danny taught me–I did my burpies and my push-ups and my elliptical rotation while listening to a workout mix–and by the end of the week, that’d be today, I feel like I’m back on course and ready for a new perspective on how I should work out.

But I’ll miss Danny the trainer. He gave me a great start to my new lease on life. I hope he’s doing well, wherever he is. My new big shoulders thank you.

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