Workout Journal, Day 2

November 1, 2011 | By | COMMENTS

Today was a perfect day at the gym. Mostly because it was a low-intensity day of interval training on a treadmill. Basically, I started at speed 3 and after one minute went to speed 5 then a minute later back to speed 3 then, the next minute, up to 5.5 and so-on until I was running my guts out at speed 8. Then back down .5 at a time.

What was nice about it was, even at the roughest moments (speeds 7 through 8) I knew I only had to get through one minute and then it’d go back to speed 3 and I could shake it off. This is actually the model for how I get through my writing in any given day: a little pain (picture editing, link embedding, proofreading), a little pleasure (checking e-mail, checking Twitter, checking Facebook). And so it was that 41 minutes later (I did 10 minutes of warming up at speed 2) I was covered in sweat but not at all beaten down like I was yesterday on the elliptical.

As for how I feel, I don’t feel as sore as I thought I would. Instead I feel–and this is a weird word choice, but go with me here–OXYGENATED. Like, because I’m running so hard and working so hard I’m breathing that much harder and taking in that much more oxygen. So I feel like my whole body is tingling with more air and that I’m firing on all cylinders when I leave the gym.

Of course, these are still the early days of gym-going. Give it a few more days or a week and you’ll start seeing posts about gym apathy. That’s when this blog will REALLY get good.

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